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Our Lady of America Newsletter
July 16, 2008
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Victory over evil

"Who is She who comes forth like the morning rising,
fair as the Moon, bright as the Sun,
terrible as an army set in battle array?"
[Song of Solomon 6:10]

Patricia Fuller

Ex-Nun makes bogus claims: The former "Sister" Joseph Therese (Patricia Fuller): is not a religious Sister; does not live in a convent; does not control devotion to Our Lady of America!

July 16, 2008 - Carmel, IN: I became involved in the Our Lady of America devotion after two (2) Catholic bishops asked Kevin McCarthy, a Catholic layman associated with the BVM Foundation, Inc., (an Indiana not-for-profit corporation) with regard to the Our Lady of America devotion, "to get it going." Kevin did this, and he succeeded only and always as his own personal apostolate, even if he did it at the behest of a number of bishops. Kevin specifically asked me to join the effort, and I gladly did so, including in conversations and meetings with a number of United States Catholic bishops who obviously respect Kevin, and who also looked favorably on our efforts to promote Our Lady of America.

In late 2005 I was given the www.ourladyofamerica.com domain and website. In discussion with Patricia Fuller a.k.a Sister Joseph Therese C.I.T this web site and domain were irrevocably given to me to promote this devotion. At considerable expense and effort on our part a new web site was launched in early 2006. Fuller often, and in writing, thanked me for taking on the internet site. She understood and agreed, in a telephone conversation with "Sister " that I was accepting this internet site only on a permanent basis. This labor of love has been an essential element upon which this devotion has been spread. Tens of thousands have visited this internet site to learn of Our Lady of America. At this site, we offered free devotionals and those interested were kept informed of the news surrounding this devotion. Nearly one million holy cards have been distributed by the visitors to this site, helping to make this devotion known throughout the land and bringing Her graces to many.

Without any warning, consultation, or explanation, this web address was redirected on July 3rd, 2008 to a site authorized by the former religious sister Patricia Fuller residing in a private home at Fostoria OH to promote the production of a different and unapproved devotional statue of Our Lady of America. The statue of Our Lady of America featured on our site was commissioned in 2006 by the B.V.M. Foundation. She was first taken and displayed to the U.S. Bishops Conference (2006) where the statue was blessed by Archbishop Burke. Later she was hosted by Archbishops and a Cardinal, and is currently on display at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington D.C. near the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. This statue is by all measure "the" image of Our Lady of America. To suggest any other statue creates confusion and disruption of the legitimate efforts to fulfill the requests of Our Lady of America.

While the indications to us are that the vast majority of people do not take seriously the recent indication that Fuller is making a different statue, nonetheless, her obviously misguided action will confuse some of the faithful interested in Our Lady of America. A perfect example of this confusion is that as of the date of this email-newsletter her site has portrayed an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Fatima not as Our Lady of America

Please be aware that the internet site www.ourladyofamerica.com and any email addresses ending in ourladyofamerica.com are for the time being not affiliated with the BVM Foundation effort initiated and recognized by interested Catholic Bishops.

Fortunately, over a year ago we set up www.ourladyofamerica.org which seems to be safely out of the reach of Patricia Fuller and her confederates. If you have any links on websites or blogs please update them to point to www.ourladyofamerica.org.

The Vicar General of the Diocese of Toledo-in-America on September 29, 2006, privately and personally warned Patricia Fuller about her actions and conduct in asserting that she was a religious sister and lived in a convent. Staff of Bishop Blair, in response to telephone inquiries made (since the beginning of 2008) to His Excellency at his office in the Diocese of Toledo-in-America, have openly and repeatedly stated that Patricia Fuller is no longer a nun or religious sister and does not live in a convent. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Leonard P. Blair, Bishop Toledo-in-America informed us this past December 11, 2007 of what was then shocking news to us that this woman Patricia Anne Fuller, who calls herself "Sister M. Joseph Therese" was "dismissed" from Religious life several years ago. Therefore, the home where she resides is not a convent and she cannot claim the religious title of a Catholic "Sister".

After filing a complaint against Fuller and others (for defamation, wiretap, breach of contract and commercial disparagement) in the Federal Court at Indianapolis, and in light of encouragement by the Diocese of Toledo to try to settle the matter, we withdrew that litigation, during the Solemn Novena to Divine Mercy immediately after Easter, solely for reasons of Christian charity and mercy, and for no other possible reason. Miss Patricia Fuller has refused even to entertain any settlement discussion. She is under the impression that because she was the unsupervised estate administrator for Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) it gives her authority over the devotion derived from the private revelations of that holy nun which is to claim such authority is superior to the Catholic Church or to anyone else. Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) gave freely to the public those of her messages approved during the lifetime of her original spiritual director, Bishop Paul Francis Leibold, such wise that neither she nor any of her heirs could ever legally claim any copyright over them. (See story on copyright)

Neither I nor the BVM. Foundation make any claim of control over this devotion. In fact we encourage and support with information and devotionals all the lay faithful, many parishes and religious who in good faith promote this devotion for the glory of God. It is my opinion that Patricia Fuller and others working with her are not acting in good faith.

This statue of Our Lady of America is now very near the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. In the last 30 days many positive developments have occurred with this devotion which will be the subject of my next newsletter. I believe the fulfillment of Our Lady's request is near!

Please pray that Heaven will grant us mercy and rectify these errant ways.
Our Lady of America, pray for us.

-Al Langsenkamp

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