The Immaculate Virgin


Granted an official Imprimatur by Archbishop Paul F. Leibold.

Our Lady allegedly had asked Sister Mary Ephrem to have struck a medal that would bear the image of Our Lady of America on the front and the symbol of the Christian Family and the Blessed Trinity on the back.

The one side bears the image of Our Lady of America and around it the words, “By Your Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, Deliver Us From Evil.” The Coat of Arms of the Christian Family is on the reverse side of the medal. The Divine Indwelling is represented by the Triangle and the Eye on the shield of the Precious Blood, through which sanctifying grace is made possible to fallen man. The Sanctification of the family through imitation of the Holy Family is represented by the Cross and the two lilies on each of which is depicted a burning heart. The flaming sword is a symbol of Divine Love so necessary to obtain union with God, while the rosary indicates a most profitable means of drawing closer to the Holy Family, through devout meditation on the various Mysteries. The scroll above bears the inscription, “Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto” and the one below, “Jesu, Maria, Joseph.” These aspirations are simply explanations of the whole theme and are also acts of praise to the Trinity and the Holy Family.

This medal is to be worn with great faith and fervent devotion to Our Lady for the grace of intense purity of the heart and the particular love of the Holy Virgin and her Divine Son.

medal_reverse medal_obverse

The alleged request of Our Lady to have this medal struck was fulfilled by Bishop Paul F. Leibold in November of 1962.   The medals were so popular that a second run was ordered in 1965.


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