The Immaculate Virgin



  1. Pam J

    Thank you for this new blog… If ever Our Lady of America was needed stat it is now! This article is so informative, but in the link cited by Roman Catholic Man , he states that the first several messages and apparitions happened in Rome City , Ohio. The city is correct but Rome City, is in Indiana not Ohio. I’m praying daily that the Bishops can enthrone her statue (as she requested 60 years ago this fall) in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception….ASAP!
    “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, Deliver Us From Evil!”

  2. Marie

    Thanks be to God and Our Lady of America for this victory! While it grieves us that this delay and scandal have given opportunity to the evil one to advance his causes, bringing the U.S. to ever deeper lows day by day, we know that nothing is impossible with God! While it appears to be too late to turn this once great nation around to avoid the great chastisement through prayer and penance, it is never too late to save individuals still in need of conversion. Yet, who can underestimate what Our Lady can accomplish at the last minute, when the U.S. Bishops finally agree to fulfill Her request?! If Pope Francis approves and recommends the First Saturday Devotion at Fatima on May 13, 2017, (which Heaven still awaits) and if the Bishops of the U.S. (and the world) take up this Devotion of reparation with a return to purity, we can hope that Our Lady will obtain a great Miracle that may be similar to what was experienced on Oct. 13, 1917! Our Lord told Sr. Lucia, “It is never too late to have recourse to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.”

  3. Linda

    July 5, 2016
    Where is the statue of Our Lady of American now? Is it possible to visit?

    • Clarice DeJesus

      Hi Linda,
      I was at the John Paul II Shrine and his feast day Oct. 22, and they told me the statue was moved to storage. I was so disappointed. And It is not just a statue. She is Our Mother and she needs to be among her children. I have emailed the staff of this site to ask for advisement to address this situation.
      Clarice DeJesus

      • Comment by post author


        Dear Linda,

        I share your disappointment. The statue was removed many years ago when the John Paul II Shrine faced financial difficulty and was at risk of closing. Hopefully, Our Lady of America can make a visit there once again.

  4. Susan Lovato

    You asked the question somewhat proverbially… “Where does this devotion go from here? I have one answer for you. By the Lord’s prompting in November of 2014 I began work to begin a new religious community. It is a Society of Apostolic Life. We are working closely with our local Judicial Vicar so we may stay on the “canonically correct” path. Our name is Servants of Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling and the Our Lady of Amerca’s messages are part of our core devotions. I ama layperson and an oblate. Another oblate is a Monsignor here in my diocese. Our community was officially formed just a month ago on June 9, St. Ephrem’s Feast Day. Already we have two women interested in consecrated religious life in this community. Thank you for making materials available.. Please pray for our new community for benefactors and for the Lord to call workers for the harvest!
    Susan Lovato
    Founder, Servants of Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling

  5. Cindy Prus

    Where can I get a picture or statue of Our Lady Of America ?

  6. Maureen G. Hahn

    What a beautiful bit of news I just discovered on my computer when opened the e-mail. So happy to hear that there was such good news and that, as you put it, “We Won”!! I have been praying to Our Lady of America ever since I read the first e-mail about her. What a miracle and what an amazing settlement in the courts. I am brought to tears over this because of all the toxic election news and the hatred and discontent going on concerning the upcoming elections. Perhaps when she is properly carried in to the Basillica, things will begin to lead us to a successful election to stop the people in power who are so determined to destroy this beautiful country. We were founded by good, decent, God fearing men and I believe God has blessed us abundantly and has a purpose for America being so strong. We now seem to be losing our ability to stay strong and the forces of evil are growing more and more powerful. This means our prayers have to intensify and Our Lady of America apparently wants to give us victory. We have to do our part for it to work……….and that means get on our knees as pray as often and as much as we can. She will save us if we but turn to her and to her Divine Son. God Bless all who worked so hard to achieve this victory.

  7. Donna Shaheen

    The medal of Our Lady of America is beautiful. I would like to purchase a few to distribute. Also, I would like to order 50 holy cards that are free so I can distribute them to family and friends. Is there a booklet that tells the whole story of Our Lady of America?

  8. pam j

    I believe these visitations were so important not only for the faithful and our country, but especially in the propagation of this important devotion. The visitation in Indianapolis in particular, was not only important at the time, but as we now know, would be of extreme import, when those who tried to halt the momentum of this devotion, by filing a counterclaim lawsuit here in Indianapolis against those with pure motives for promoting the devotion to Our Lady of America. Despite Bishop Blair’s order for the counterclaimants to drop said lawsuit, not only did they defy his directive and proceed with their suit, but when the jury found against them, they appealed and after further legal wrangling, they were once again defeated. Additionally, and of utmost importance, the court strongly recommended that no other appeals be entertained in the future!

    I believe that those who tried to derail, defile and destroy this devotion were thwarted because Our Lady of America interceded in this court outcome at least in part because of the love and honor shown to her through the visitation of her statue in Indianapolis in 2007, as well as the prayers for the plaintiffs by those faithfully devoted to her under this title!

    Our Lady of America and the devotion she requested under the same title not only prevailed but won a monumental victory!

    The Indianapolis visitation was part of a nationwide Procession of her statue as Our Lady of America – it began in August 2007, in St. Louis, Archbishop Burke’s diocese at that time and culminated in Washington D.C., in the JP II Center just blocks from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where she requested and is still waiting for enthronement as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin!

    Now hopefully the victory in the legal system, and our prayers for Our Lady of America’s requests will renew the momentum sparked by those nationwide processions and church visitations in 2007 and will greatly and Divinely inspire the U.S. Bishops to immediately fulfill her requests.

    Especially with the upcoming election, please continue to pray that very soon, we will finally see the fulfillment of her requests as we witness the enthronement of her statue as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.!

    • Barbara Rickman

      Time To Push our bishops and be relentless! I have asked the Bishop of Bridgeport CT, Frank Caggiano to take the lead in encouraging his brother bishops to proceed with Our Lady’s wishes! He led a procession thru the streets of Norwalk CT on August 14, 2016, with an image of what would become known as Our Lady Or Norwalk. The image is in St. Mary Church, in Norwalk CT. I asked him to encourage his brother bishops to put Our Lady of America in her basilica as she asked and it now time for the laity of the church all over this nation to do the same! If we are really as patriotic as we say we are, why would we not want the very best for our troubled country? Is not Our Lady’s care for this nation, the ultimate good we want for America? If so, please, petition your bishop to support this request from Heaven itself! What better thing can we do for America? Really!

  9. Judith E Vorndran

    What wonderful work is being done with Our Lady of America helping. I pray for continued success with Pope Francis and the bishops.

  10. Michael Waters

    I also would like to order some of the medal’s Do you have plans for another order, Thank you

  11. Michael Waters

    WOW I feel so blessed as I have just learned about Our Lady of America today from a visiting family to our parish. They were staying after mass to pray the rosary and I asked if I could join them. After our prayers they spent about an hour talking to me and giving me some prayer cards and information. I am so happy to have found this and plan on praying to her for her guidance in the upcoming election. I am heart broken that our country is in such a mess. I need spiritual guidance on how to vote. Let us all pray for her intercession for this election.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Michael,
      Indeed these are difficult times. Pray for the outpouring of graces promised by this devotion and that our bishops will act with prudence and urgency.

      “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, oh Mary, deliver us from evil”


  12. JOAN


  13. Mary Greenstein

    Hi, Please let our prayer group know how we can help Our Lady to get her image/statue into the Basilica.

  14. Cindy Prus

    Are there any plans to have a smaller statue made and or medals of Our Lady of America that we can purchase?

  15. Gloria Webber

    I would love to purchase a statue of Our Lady of America, as well as a few medals. Please tell me how to go about this.

    Thank you.

  16. Pedro Tandoc Jr

    I agree that through the powerful intercession of our Mother Mary whose heart and that of her Son are united, our country can once more be the Christian nation and the shining beacon of grace that will dispel the darkness of people’s hearts here and the whole world. But we, her children, must pray and continue praying until the forces of evil are destroyed. I join you as another prayer warrior.

  17. Clarice DeJesus

    I visited the John Paul II National Shrine a few weeks ago on his feast day, Oct. 22, and with great anticipation was also very excited to say a prayer before Our Lady of America. However, she was nowhere to be found, and the staff who could remember her told me “the statue was moved to storage” and I was unsuccessful in finding anyone who could tell me why. Now we have another challenge to overcome. If anyone has anymore information, please advise.

  18. Margaret Delmonego

    God Bless America
    Thank you, Holy Mother! Help us, place us under the protection of your motherly mantle!
    Thank you, Jesus, for sending her to us!

  19. Tegan Pryor

    This year I would like to give statues of
    ” Our Lady Of America” as Christmas Gifts, after such a contentious presidential election cycle in USA.

    Can you tell me where I can purchase, Our Lady Of America statues? I’d like various sizes for both indoor & outdoors. I checked EWTN’S Religious Catalogue website and didn’t see any.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance of where I can locate this item.

    God Bless & Merry Christmas

  20. John DeLellis

    I’m confused a little. I thought our LADY OF AMERICA, was already in Her final home, in the Basilica. What is needed to get it there? If it’s the bishops, then we must tell them to foget politics and let’s get the ball rolling. Please, what is needed? Thanks

    • Comment by post author


      Dear John,
      Unfortunately, the request has not been fulfilled by the bishops. The devotion fell into dormition with the death of Archbishop Leibold in 1972. Recently, many of the faithful have learned of her message and have embraced her call. This has reignited interest by the bishops. There is a group of bishops that are working in earnest to get this done. Please pray for them.

      God bless you!

      • Barbara Rickman

        I am, and will continue to pray that Bp Frank Caggiano will lead that effort. He asked to come to St. Mary Norwalk CT to celebrate the octave of the Feast Of The Assumption 2017! Yes! He asked to come! He has our Lady’s heart in him so I will keep praying that he will be the leader needed to effect the procession of OLOA into her basilica.

  21. One of my daily prayers includes an invocation that Mother Mary’s statue OUR LADY OF AMERICA will very soon reside in her Immaculate Conception Basilica/Shrine in Washington, D.C, and that the bishops of our country will soon carry out her wish in solemn ceremony for just that event.

  22. Carol Paul

    I, too, would like to purchase a medal when they are available. I would also be interested in a statue of Our Lady of America if it is available. Thank you and may God bless us through His Immaculate Mother!

  23. Bernadette Harris

    We have been a Center since early 2000 and Our Time is Not Our Lady’s Time or God’s Time. In Time “Their TIME” things will get moving please God. People out west especially in Indiana have really been carrying the Ball. Particuarly Al L. and close people to him. So please keep in prayer that more people will ASK their Bishops to move on a simple request and get it done. Only GOOD will come from Our Lady’s requests to be place in Washington Basilica! Also please Pray For Those Who Have Yet To Experience God’s Love”, these are the people who are causing all the problems in the World!

  24. Frances Mary Torrance

    Although I am not an American, (I am Scottish). I have visited the U.S. Many, many times and have found it to be not only beautiful but your people are genuinely friendly, sincere and kind. My late dear father was a sailor and traveled the world for 25 years, visiting the U.S. Many times and in his opinion “America was the most open handed and generous nation in the world.” By the grace of God and the Loving care of Our Blessed Lady, as well as our prayers, we will re discover the wonderful qualities of Faith, Hope and Charity which will result in bringing the population of the United States back to the Trust in Almighty God which it once proclaimed. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  25. Frances Mary Torrance

    Now we know that Satan exists ( his greatest trick was in persuading us that he was a myth) we should return to the practice of reciting the Saint Michael prayer at the end of mass as was done in my youth. Parents must pray with their children as it is as easy to form them in a good habit as in a bad one. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  26. Kathy Graeve

    Yes, praying for this intention. Where is our beautiful Lady of America statue now?
    I was in Washington DC 3 years ago and looking fir her. No one knew where she was .We tried the Pope John Paul II center and asked at the Basilica.

    • Pam J

      I too was at the JP II CENTER twice, once in 2010 when I was blessed to see this beautiful statue in person. It is breathtaking. But last spring while visiting relatives, my husband and I returned to the now St John Paul II Center . Only one of many employees even knew the statue had ever been there. I was told by this same employee that when the Knights of Columbus took over the center they decided that the statue of Our Lady of America did not belong in a center honoring the saint. However, I would vigorously disagree with such thinking as upon his World Youth Day visit to Denver, then Pope John Paul processed with another statue of Our Lady of America (the one pictured in this blog hadn’t been commissioned at that time). The statue he processed with was later placed in Hanceville at our Lady of Angels .
      But I believe he was such a proponent of Our Lady of America ( and his lifelong devotion to Our Lady as evidenced by “Totus Tuus”), that he would have fought to keep her statue at his center until enthronement in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Regardless I have been told by someone in authority that the statue is being kept privately but readily available for the fulfillment of Our Lady of America ‘s request for enthtonement.
      Also in this centennial year of Fatima and Our Lady’s appearances there, it is of interest to note that the first time Our Lady of America requested that a statue in her likeness be enthroned took place in an apparition to Sr. Mildred on October 13th 1956! In that visitation, Instead of a lily she generally held, she held an exact replica of the finished Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in her hands ( even more amazing because it was not completed for 2-3 years after this apparition)!

  27. Betty Olry

    I pray that this will finally been done. I was born and raised were all of this started. Our Lady of America has been in my heart and prayers always. Pray for the Bishops to see the gift Mary has for all of us.

  28. Kathryn

    I am a Catholic girl from Boston, Massachussetts. My Irish grandparents and my parents taught us about the truths of Jesus life and that of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph from the time we were able to say our first prayers.
    Every morning we said Angel of God, my Guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guide, to rule and guard. Amen
    then ” St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host: thrust into Hell, Satan, and all his evil spirits who prowl the world seeking the ruin of souls.
    I have tried to say this prayer every day of my life. I believe it is a powerful prayer.

    • Barbara Rickman

      Keep saying them, along with the rosary and the OLOA prayers. They are much needed. Go to the sacraments and especially confession. Guard your heart, your eyes and your mind. Satan attacks thru these, especially if you are young.


    Not a single day passes without killings
    done in the most cold and horrific ways
    each country has its dangerous villains
    driven to perform their latest craze

    Satan is a murderer and a thief
    he is spitting God in His Face
    he’s the devils commander in chief
    in the war against the human race

    The world drenched in total insanity
    is guided by leaders in moral decay
    causing the demise of us, humanity
    bringing us closer to Judgment Day

    O Lord, our Creator and Savior
    how long will You let this go on
    block this disgusting behavior
    of our new luciferian Babylon

    The world is a dangerous place
    morals are under satan’s antenna
    loving God is seen as a disgrace
    they choose to live in a Gehenna

    Satan knows his empire will end
    thus works like crazy to collect
    plenty of souls out of God’s Hand
    but soon his plans will be wrecked.

    Patiently,- not always o:( – waiting for
    Jesus’ return. Our Lady please help us !!
    Rita Biesemans, July 30 2016

  30. anita gild

    i would like to obtain a large picture of our lady of america. i have not been able to find one suitable for framing for home and one to bring in to homes for prayer and to get her message out to others. i want to do this as had been done with the pilgrim virgin of fatima.

  31. Barbara Rickman

    I am only just reading this post today. I also took Our Lady Of America to an abortion clinic in Danbury CT during the 40 Days For Life. Our bishop Frank Caggiano was in attendance and saw the banner of OLOA. I had encouraged him during the Feast of the Assumption 2016 to lead his brother bishops in the effort to obey Our Lady’s wish that her image under the title of OLOA be processed into her basilica as she asked in 1956. During my saying of the rosary in early 2016, she had asked me to tell him of her wish. I still pray for this intention.

  32. Barbara Rickman

    Child trafficking and pedophilia are rampant in America right now. So much so that these crimes have reached the very halls of Washington D.C and beyond. Is it any wonder OLOA’s charism for America is PURITY! She knew this is what would affect us and kill us as a nation.
    The time for her procession into her basilica is NOW! We are running out of time!

  33. Pam J

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I had a healing in Rome City IN. on my first visit to the Our Lady Mother of Mercy chapel in July of 2007. This is the very chapel where Our Lady of America first appeared in 1956 and beyond on numerous occasions. I have experienced many mystical phenomena on subsequent trips there as well. But even more importantly I have met so many pilgrims who have traveled there and through locutions have been “asked” to help end abortion! We must spread her message of purity, and at this time, pray especially that the statue of Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin be enthroned by the U.S. Bishops in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. as Our Lady of America requested on 10/13/1956 in Rome City, IN. , and has since pleaded and shed tears over the importance of fulfilling that request! She has promised that such an enthronement will produce miracles especially of the soul for America and in numbers “greater than at Fatima’s and Lourdes combined!”

  34. Andrea Lynn Bayer

    Can I still obtain free prayer cards? I live in Oakton, Virginia (part of Fairfax County in Northern VA) which is in the Arlington Diocese. I would be honored to personally contact each pastor of every parish in our diocese to personally request that he and his fellow priests make note of the history of Our Lady of America, her statue, and Our Lady’s request that her statue be properly processed into and placed in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. The Arlington Diocese is a huge diocese which borders the Washington Diocese (which includes D.C. and parts of Maryland). I will also work to connect with and enlist others who will do the same in my diocese, D.C., and Maryland. Thus, I would love to request 10,000 prayer cards so that I can provide them as I meet with each pastor.

  35. Theresa Palmer

    Yes, we must respond to Our Ladies requests! The Bishop need to process her statue to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception! Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!

  36. Neil Cooper

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!i will contribute as much as I can toward spreading the word. I am amazed how hostile some in our parish ( St Mary’s Chandler Az) seem to be to this devotion, insisting it has not been approved. They believe that if the Pope has not approved the apparition then Our Lady of America does not exist. Please pray for Chandler, Arizona and Bishop Olmsted.

  37. Bernadette Shonka

    Our Lady of America the Immaculate Virgin is begging us to strive for purity and for our Bishops (the Shepherds – leaders of the flock) to process her statue and enthrone her in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Pray the prayers Our Lady gave to Sr. Mildred. As Theresa Palmer said, “Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!”

  38. Patrick

    What is the real Evil?
    The fact that this child molesting has gone on for decades with the churches knowledge certainly is evident of where the evil lies. For so many years, when a priest was exposed as a molester, he was transferred and sequestered in a far away monastery to hush it up and to keep him from local prosecution and to protect the church’s reputation and image. This action is inexcusable let alone criminal! These cover ups were working but they gave the impression to other priests that if they were to do such things they would be aided by the church to avoid prosecution! The results of this covering up is now being exposed with the abhorrent number of acts that have been committed over the years!
    Those that were involved with the cover ups of the perverted priests who molested the children (mostly boys) are the guilty ones, they will be the ones to burn in hell! Evil had no hand in this! The Bishops, Cardinals, and even the Pope himself, are all guilty – they are the “evil” ones!! You can’t tell me they didn’t know what was going on! The church doesn’t operate that way! Not only did they cover up the crimes of molestation but they were also covering up the Religious crime of homosexuality by the priests! Instead of trying to protect the image of the church and covering up for these criminals they should have defrocked them and turned them over to Civil authority for prosecution as a warning to other priests who may have entertained the idea of molesting “Alter Boys”.
    People are outraged by this! I know I am! By their refusing to turn the priests over to the local authorities the church is (Unwittingly or not) condoning their perverted actions. Only recently has the Church fessed up to the crimes partly due to the enormous number of complaints. I find it ironic you’re asking the Bishops to pray for a situation in which they were the first line of defense – now you’re asking them to pray for salvaging the Church for something they should have prevented in the first place! OR were they ordered to stand down by a higher authority??

    Let’s not revert to the Dark Ages by calling illegal acts perpetrated by humans – ‘EVIL’! In the dark ages people demonized and called things evil that they didn’t understand. Evil is wrongdoing nothing more!~ Right and wrong exists in all of us. It is up to each of us to decide which acts do we do! With God’s teachings and guidance we do the right thing, without it we don’t!
    Seems the management of the RC Church forgot to read the fine print!

  39. Maureen DuBois

    What progress has been make to process Our Lady into the shrine? The last I heard it was still in a legal battle to obtain the rights of this devotion from a sister friend of Sr. Mary Ephrem. This was several years back but I have not seen more news of this on emails. This was keeping the bishops from processing.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Maureen,
      The legal battle is complete and the devotional prayers and messages as approved by Archbishop Leibold are in the public domain and free of the false claims of ownership made by Patrica Fuller (aka Sr. Joseph Therese). See this Litigation Update

      There is a group of bishops working to fulfill Our Lady’s requests. Please pray for them.

  40. Kateri W.

    I have tried numerous times to find out the status of our diocese regarding our Lady’s request for a solemn procession and enthronement of her statue in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. I have had no success with written or telephone forms of communication. How can we keep ignoring the promises made by her to us ?

  41. Christine McHugh

    I would love to know why our bishops are not commenting on the message of Our Lady of America. As far as I know, Our Lady’s request has never been placed on the agenda for the bishop’s meeting in Washington, DC. I’ve written a comment on the USCCB website, contact USCCB, asking that Our Lady of America’s statue be solemnly processed and installed in the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. I asked that this be considered in the current USCCB meeting in November, 2018. A few years ago, I also wrote to our former Archbishop asking that Holy Mother’s request be considered and followed, if for no other reason, for the good of our country and our church. Holy Mother states that when her request is followed, more blessings will come to our country than their were at Lourdes and Fatima combined. I have never received an answer. With the state of our country and our church, I don’t understand why our bishops aren’t holding onto what our Holy Mother says with every last thread they can grasp !!!

    • Lawrence Martin

      I agree. We need to learn from Kibeho in Rwanda about the gravity of not doing as Our Lady has asked. It’s a simple request.

  42. Lindy

    I would like to order a medal.
    Also what is the prayer to say for healing?
    Also I would like some prayer cards
    Please let me know how to order the medal and cards. And the words for the healing prayer.
    I want to give it to a friend who has cancer

  43. Jo Anne Westerheide


  44. Mary Beissner

    where do i get a booklet of the story

  45. Mary Beissner

    Would like to read the story of Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil

  46. Marian Honquest

    I am a lay Carmelite in Fort Worth diocese. We are praying to Our Lady to help to bring most devotions in honor of Our Lady to bring peace and a change in our country. The rosary is our gift to give us renewed peaceful options to the political chaos that is causing the anger .

  47. Paul Murray

    Can this beautiful statue be purchased in a size appropriate for a home?

  48. MC Wareham

    Would it be possible to have statues made? This would be another very visible way to spread knowledge of the message and devotion. Also, catechetical/spiritual formation materials for youth.

  49. tdecker894

    Hello and thank you so much for this online forum! I will spread the message of Our Lady to my children.
    Just ordered a bunch of medals for my family. Wondering: Are there medals of Our Lady of America in silver or gold? And how can I order them?
    Thank you and God bless you! May our Lady of America shield is, protect us, lead us to purity and to heaven!

  50. The record of 1954-1959 apparitions written by Sr. Mary Neuzil under direction of Bishop Leibold, which are the basis of the Our Lady of America veneration, includes the 1st recording of advise from St. Joseph to the faithful. Those instructions address the plight of family and fathers in the modern world and instructions to address these problems. This is a critical component of those apparitions that are essentially unknown and should be common knowledge among our school children and all faith filled adults. The booklet is available on-line and can be printed at home. PLEASE DO SO ASAP.

    • Maria

      Where is this booklet, please? One of my friends and I are interested in promoting the history and messages surrounding Sr. Mary Neuzil’s (formerly Sr. Mary Ephrem’s) account of Our Lady’s apparitions and her requests of all faithful Catholics and Prelates, especially her request for U.S. Bishops to process a statue of Our Lady of America throughout D.C. before processing the statue of Our Lady into the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception and give Mother Mary under this Title of Our Lady of America obedience to her requests, and offer her our honor, love, and prayers.

      How can one best help?

      • Comment by post author


        Dear Ray,

        The messages can be downloaded from our website. Please see Devotional Downloads

        The best way to help is to pray for Our Lady of America’s intentions. A practical way to help is to spread the devotion so more will join into the prayer. We make prayer cards available for free to those who want to pray the prayers or spread the devotion. Please see Order Devotionals

      • Joan Legendre

        I suggest you write to the Bishops in Washington DC at the Basilica of the
        Immaculate Conception, and the Bishops in charge at the USCCB. One of the head Bishops there is Bishop
        Poprocki. They need us to pressure them to heed Our Lady’s desires.

  51. irvinbisch

    I am currently distributing packets of card to each church and Pastor in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. the Free cards make it affordable for me to continue my ministry.
    I insist on at least donating each time I order to cover the cost of postage to me.
    If we could get people and /or groups to do the same in all the Dioceses across America, we can make a difference.
    Just 50 people in every parish, praying to Our Lady and venerating a picture of her in their homes , can change America to holiness. And worshiping God once again.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Irvin,

      Thank you for your commitment to spreading this devotion!. This is exactly why our apostolate makes the prayer cards available for free. Spread them far and wide. Keep up the good work.

      God bless,


  52. Connie Hegwood

    I agree. I have 4 sons and I beg St Joseph to father my sons as he did Jesus. That St. Joseph would give my 30 -40 yr old sons a most holy, and strong spiritual backbone – so as to lead in their churchs, lead in their work places, lead in the world and be the fathers that God would have them be in their homes NOW! Amen

  53. ThiênHường

    Where is Our Lady of America now? I found a prayer card with her image in the street a few days ago. It’s the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know anything about her until now. Wherever they stored her we need to get her back.

  54. Alexandra

    I would like to make a pilgrimage to pray that Our Lady of America’s requests be fulfilled. Where is her statue now? (fall, 2019)

    Our Lady of America, pray for us!

    • K d

      Why don’t those of us who believe in Mary’s request simply get together and process a life sized print of our lady of America into the cathedral OURSELVES ?

  55. DAVID

    Per the the office of the local Bishop the alleged vision has NEVER been approved as expressing true supernaturality. The devotion ONLY has been ok’d for use by the faithful. The Church is always right in using EXTREME caution and TIME before ever pronouncing definitively on the status of an alleged apparition because of the almost unbelievable subtly and cleverness of Satan to be able to deceive. PRUDENCE is always the best course when dealing with any alleged vision.

  56. Mary R Noren

    Cardinal Raymond Burke has tried to get Our Lady enthroned .

  57. Jeanne Monahan

    That’s great. She wants to be put in the shrine of the immaculate conception in Washington DC (the image).

    • Mary Buser

      I pray everyday that our bishops will place Our Lady’s statue in the National shrine. We need her help!

  58. Sister Judy BDV

    FIAT volunteer tua my children
    Pray the entire Rosary each day and Fast twice weekly
    Trust and fling no criticism at the Body of Christ which is His Church
    Negative remarks feed the evil ones.

  59. Alonso Lopez Jr.

    It is mind boggling that Our Lady of America still does not have a public home
    so that she can be venerated. If you go to
    the Cathedral right now she is nowhere to
    be found. It is a sad situation. She should be
    In the National Cathedral now so that she may guide us as we go into 2020.

    • Miss Bee

      Yes, We Need Our Mother To Help & Guide Us-especially during these dark times… Why Can’t She Be at The Original Place in Rome City, Indiana? Her Message was for-All Her Children To Come There & Pray To Her!! Sometimes that Place is Open but It Definitely Needs Big-Worldwide Advertising or Announcements-Informing Everyone of Her Spiritual Presence & Holy Ground-That Awaits Anyone- That Would Make The Journey There. For All Her Children To Visit & Pray Like A Normal Pilgrimage.. Think of All The Pilgrimages in The World & How Our Lady is Honored!! We Should Be Completely Ecstatic that Mary Appeared in America w/ Millions of People Honoring Her at The Exact Spot-Where She Appeared! There’s Even A Holy Spring & An Old Chapel, There on The Grounds!! Plus, It All Sits on So Many Acres w/Other Special Things that I haven’t even mentioned & Is Absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful!! Why can’t Our Lady of America be Honored w/That Type of Pilgrimage at The Original Place Where She 1st. Appeared in Rome City, Indiana?? Let’s All Make That Happen-Mary’s Request Come True For All Our Heavenly Mother, Does For Us!! ♡♡♡

      • Wendy

        Our Blessed Mother’s title is of “America” not one particular state. She asked to be placed in the country’s capital & at a national shrine.
        Let us pray the Bishops answer her request.

        • Comment by post author


          Yes, indeed she is Our Lady of America. In the messages she asked that the Basillica Shrine of the the Immaulate Conception in Washington, D.C. be the primary placed of pilgrimage. However, she did first appear in Rome City, Indiana as Our Lady of America and that will also be a site of pilgrimage. I believe the reason why she chose Rome City will unfold and become obvious.

          Not all will be able to make it to Wahington, DC. There will be alternatives.

          A challenge – I there any other aapparition of Our Lady that is named after a nation? If you find one let me know.

  60. Anita Louise Bernadette Benz

    That is great news

  61. Charles Webster

    Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of MARY, hear the plea of your children.
    MAMA, we’re so close to accomplishing your request… and we, the laity feel so helpless – except for the colossal power of the ROSARY – please shed special grace on our nation and the world.
    Your kids

  62. Clarice Marie DeJesus

    Let us pray that at the next Bishops’ conference Our Lady of America joins them in a place of honor among them, and that they fulfill Her request to be solemnly processed and enshrined in The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.
    Where is the beautiful statue??? We miss seeing Her!!!

    • L. Bardowski

      Dear Bishops of America,
      PLEASE process Our Lady of America and enthrone Her in The Basilica of Her Immaculate Conception in Washington, so that she may be a beacon of hope for our country and the whole world!

    • L scott

      It is in South Louisiana.
      We processed it in New Orlean’s St Louis Cathedral two weeks ago..

  63. Mary Ann Thompson Roseman

    Wonderful! Now someone tell President Trump, he did have a priest exorcise the White House and asked for the statue of Our Lady of Fatima which the priest had with him, She is now in White House.
    He hates the new world order which Pope Francis loves. And rumor has it Sr Agnes who had the messages of Akita has received message from her guardian angel and it’s not good. Recent!

  64. Petrichor

    Our Lady at Fatima (and repeated at Amsterdam & Akita) said that if we did not heed her requests to the Pope and to the faithful (& we haven’t) that “Russia would spread her errors around the globe”.
    The diabolical infiltration of the Church is part of that (see: “Infiltration” by Dr Taylor Marshal) resulting in these scandals and this era of apostasy. America can escape the punishment to come the majority (2/3rds) of the American Bishops have enough faith to do this. But do they? Only if the laity pray for them, and heed the Fatima requests. If not, the chastisement (“fire from heaven”) is nearer than we think — in our lifetime.
    The faithful must keep 1) praying 2) asking them to do so.

  65. Judy Lanning

    I pray she will soon be placed in the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception! Our Country needs her so bad!

    • Mary Riley

      Dear Bishops

      Pls process Our Lady of America into the shrine of Immaculate Conception She represents purity what a wonderful gift at this time
      God Bless

  66. Lane Bailey

    Praise to God!! We continue praying for the intercession of Our Lady to bring her request to fulfillment by her loyal sons @ USCCB in Washington DC

  67. Dianne Fessler-Milligan

    Our Lady of America, pray for us!


  69. God bless our faithful bishops who pray with their people under the patronage of Our Lady of America.

  70. Diana Pfeiffer

    We absolutely Need our Lady as Our Lady of America! Dear Bishops, Place her in her rightful home, The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Why delay?

  71. Ann M Caravello

    Dear Catholic Bishops of the United States of America,

    We your lay faithful implore you to heed Our Lady of America’s request to enshrine her in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in our nation’s capital. She has promised great miracles of grace to flow throughout our land and throughout the whole world if you do so. How can you ignore our heavenly Mother’s simple loving request? Our nation and the world need you to act upon this now! Please do not be like others who have denied help from heaven such as King Louis XIV of France. Had he heeded the request of Our Lord to consecrate France to his most Sacred Heart, the French Revolution would have been avoided!! May our Blessed Mother put her request directly on each of your hearts in such a way that you can no longer refuse her. I wish you all peace, joy and love.


  72. Verna Doucet

    I pray that the US Bishops need to do what Our Lady of America ask before it’s too late. Do they not remember Fatima and World War II.
    All those lives needlessly lost because we did not do what Our Blesses Mother asked us to do.

  73. Ron Houssaye

    This groundswell of faith and hope that surrounds Our Lady of America is inspiring and exactly what is needed now. May the Most Holy Trinity look down and sanctify this surge of faith and hope.

  74. Ron Houssaye

    This surge of faith and hope that surrounds Our Lady of America is inspiring and exactly what is needed now. May the Most Holy Trinity look down and sanctify this surge of faith and hope.

  75. Alice Gunther

    Hello, would you be able to tell me where the statue of Our Lady of America is? We would like to make a pilgrimage to see it again.

  76. Angelica Fonseca Fulsaas

    Thank you for this information!I thank God for Our Lady of America messages to Sister Ephrem
    and to all of us, her children!!!I will inform my families and friends of her messages. Also, will purchase the medals ( I already ordered the prayer cards) and will give these with family and
    friends Christmas gifts. I will say the prayers from the prayer cards along with the rosary.

  77. Theresa S Palmer

    Bishops of the United States of America, heed Our Lady’s request to process Our Lady of America statue into her Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. as she requested!

  78. Bruce Chuff

    That’s because one of the people that run the national shrine is accused of sexual abuse.

  79. Bruce Chuff

    Sorry but this is not good news good news they are still not going processing her statue into the national shrine. I’m so sick of hearing about this how they can’t do anything about it they’re weak and they deserve God’s punishment for not obeying our Lady’s request!

  80. Ann B.

    ahlangse, If you are truly interested in promoting the awareness of Our Lady of America and her special message for our great country, please consider inviting President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to have their picture taken with your most beautiful statue of Our Lady of America, and if possible include the supporting Catholic Bishops. Then make the picture available to the public., and it will say a thousand words.

    • Mary Campbell

      That is a very good suggestion. Especially since the First Lady is a devout Catholic. Now that we have the COVID19 Plague, and I mean Plague, we need Our Lady of America’s desire to be fulfilled all the more quickly. Ave Maria!

  81. Mary Schaefer

    We need to spread the word rapidly and to everyone we talk to about where “Our Lady of America” statue should be placed as directed by Our Lady herself (The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – Washington , DC). The request was made 63 years ago and nothing has happened. With all the impurity that has occurred within the Church why has’t this statue been processed into the Shrine? We need to have this done. Let us show Our Lady that we believe in what she says is truth. With all the warnings she has given us, you think we would learn.

  82. Rita Harness

    Is the whole family punished for the wrong doing of a few members that did wrong! Our Lady of America asked to have a statue of her be placed on Washington DC and where is the statue now? The church needs to see this through for the rest of the Catholic and Christian families. The Blessed Virgin Mary is Mother to all of us.

  83. Jeannette DiFlauro

    Dear heavenly Mother. We offer our daily rosary up to you to have your request fulfilled by the bishop of Washington, D.C. …that your lovely statue of Our Lady of America be processed and enshrined at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. We certainly need your intervention in our country and world.

  84. Jeannette DiFlauro

    I just sent an e-mail to the U.S. Conference of catholic bishops via their website. Also I sent a letter to Archbishop Wilton Gregory from Washington D.C. asking why the procession and enshrinement has not yet taken place. His addresses is 5001 Eastern Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782. Let us flood his office with letters requesting this be done.

  85. Mary Campbell

    Please, Our Mother has done so much for us. Having the first US President be at and speak at the March for Life just a few days ago, and he gave God the Glory. Surely this was the workings of our Mother of the Americas. AVE MARIA!

  86. Carol Schofield

    First we did not have all Cardinals to pray for the Consecration of Russia, now we do not have our Bishops processing our Mother into the Basilica, why not? Why is it our own hierarchy disobeys our Mother? This is unfair to Her and to we, the People! How can we put pressure to get this done? I have already written and called many times….

    • Why do American bishops show their administrative arrogance with what they are doing, and yet they disobey Our Lady of America in what she wants? Consider that her demand is simple and will generate many blessings and graces for the United States

  87. Pam Jackson

    Now more than ever we need the U.S. Bishops to enthrone the statue of Our Lady of America , the Immaculate Virgin, in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.
    as Our Lady requested over 63 years ago. Please join me in prayer that their work to enthrone Her statue comes very soon to ensure Her promise that if done there would be more miracles than “at Fatima and Lourdes combined”. The United States and the world have never needed a miracle more than with Covid-19, and the loss of respect for life and the threat of socialism. Our Lady of America said the time is growing late but there is still time if our Bishops act quickly! By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, Deliver us from evil!

  88. Donna Shaheen

    What does the medal look like? and where can I order some?

  89. Donna Shaheen

    I do not use paypal. I would prefer to use a mastercard . Do you accept them? If not, I will happily send a check for the whole amount and, when it clears, you can ship the order to me.

  90. Mar Lynn Michalak

    Oh Dearest Mother Mary, incline your ear! Your kingdom is in peril. Global pandemic threatens. Please open the hearts of your hardhearted children! Stubborn and ignorant! Help them to find their way from darkness to the Light of the World, Your Son! Purify and cleanse us in the blood of Jesus and your tears! Have mercy on us and awaken us NOW. By Your Most Holy and Immaculate CONCEPTION, intercede for us now! Amen

    • charles wolan

      Regarding the present Pandemic , with Faith and Hope the worst that can happen to us is Death . The Best that can happen to us is Peace and Heaven without end. He has the whole world in His Hands.

  91. Gertrude

    Things will take place ,we must keep praying and talking with our bishops.

  92. gertrude

    Lord Jesus, we want to honor your Mother in a special way, hear our request.

  93. Michael

    Thank you. This is something I dearly needed in my spiritual life right now.

  94. Mary E. Campbell

    Since Our Lady appeared at La Salette She has been telling us to pray and repent. Miracles have happened everywhere that She has appeared. Perhaps this COVID19 will wake people up and get them to pray to Our Lady, who has always offered Herself to us in time of need. Perhaps now is the time that we petition our bishops to make haste to process Our Lady of America into the National Basilica as soon as we are permitted to gather again, so that she can Bless our nation and provide us with a speedy economic recovery. And provide us with a vaccine and new drugs to combat this evil virus from hell. I pray the prayer on the Holy Card of Our Lady of America every day for our President and his Administration and for the USA. May She be processed and crowned this May and venerated in the National Basilica from thence forward. Ave Maria!

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Mary,

      It is certainly appropriate to contact your bishop and tell him of your devotion to Our Lady under this title. Encourage him to fulfill Her requests.

  95. But how do I order a copy of this book??? D Burke

    • Comment by post author



      Try to order it on Amazon or eBay. There is also an abridged edition that is much shorter than the 2,600 pages of the original. If you are ok with reading it on a computer or tablet then there are links at the bottom of the post to download for free. Personally, I am reading it on an iPad.

      • Jesse

        Hi ahlangse,

        I recently ordered an Our Lady Of America medal and would just like to know have they already been blessed? I’m sorry for reaching out in this manner as I’m not sure how else or who to contact regarding this question. Thank you, God bless you all and stay well

        • Comment by post author



          The medals have not been blessed. Catholic teaching prohibits the selling of blessed objects, so we adhere to that principle. Have your medal blessed makes it uniquely yours.

          God Bless,

    • LJY

      Tan Books has e version for $9.98

  96. Our Blessed Mother is so beautiful!

  97. Dennis Gaetano

    With prayer and faithfulness we can all contribute to Our Blessed Mother’s wishes in a positive way. Let our lives be an example and our tongues be an instrument if it be God’s will.

  98. Joan Witt

    Where is the statue? What is the best way to encourage the bishops to enthronre on May 1st at the dedication ?

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Joan,

      The statue is safe and nearby, however she is not on public display at this time. Hopefully soon.

      The best way to encourage the bishops is to make known to your bishop your devotion to Our Lady of America. encourage him to fulfill her requests, particularly the procession that she desires to honor her as patroness of our nation.

  99. Christine

    Will statues of Our Lady of America be available any time soon?

  100. Beautiful article! Very scholarly and very encouraging!

  101. Mary Lynn Michalak

    This is wonderful! I learned about Our Lady of AMERICA very recently. I reside in the Diocese of Toledo, St Rose Perrysburg. I immediately printed Her image and displayed it in our home. I pray Her Rosary daily and the intercessary prayer. Purity is mandatory in this era of madness and She asks America’s youth to lead the way. Through the Mercy of God I pray that this is so.

  102. Malindia Lentz

    Thank you! This is very encouraging. I live in Midland, Michigan (where the flooding has been), and when the state was first shut down by Covid-19, many people were putting the Divine Mercy image on their doors—facing out. I live in an apartment, and have an image of Divine Mercy on my living room wall…so I put an Our Lady of America image in my living room window facing the street. I think Our Lady has some big, undeniable miracles in store for this country! God bless you for all you do!

    • Mary Buser

      Thank you. I will continue to pray and hope that Our Lady of America will intervene for our nation

  103. Henry J. Knapp

    In the interest of credibility, the author of this article should identify her/himself (i.e. name, location, role in the process, etc.).

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Henry,
      I am Albert Langsenkamp, the publisher of this website and author of the blog post.
      God Bless

    • Pat Baros

      We need to return to traditional values, and expose the way of the world and its trappings. This is a much needed and beautiful devotion that will help children deal with a world of false promises to choose the example of our Holy Mother Mary.

  104. Thank you for this article! The recent articles at CNA and Catholic World Report gave a negative impression of the latest findings and so your excellent explanation of the situation was like a breath of fresh air. Thank you! I will continue to pray the OL of America prayers, wear the medal and keep an image of her in my home.

    Our Lady of America, pray for us!

    • Jennifer Miller

      Praise Jesus in this time! I pray daily rosary with a blue Czech glass rosary given to me by my friend who experienced the 1990 Czech Revolution. I have been trying to call attention to the proven science of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s tilma- to prove that she represents unification of the races (two different color bands!) – and, I thought, was the Patroness of the Americas. How comforting to know that our country has our own!! I want to know more!!

  105. All praise, honor, glory, and thanksgiving be to God! Thank you so much for this extensive and illuminative article, Mr. Albert Langsenkamp. Our Lady of America is the inspiration and hope our country urgently needs. May God’s Most Holy and Divine Will be done!

    • LaQuada Florek

      What is the prayer from our dear Blessed mother for our country? Where may I get a picture of her as Our Lady of America ? Thank you

    • Cindy Steffinich

      Thank you for seeing the positive side of the decision the team of Bishops came up with. I understand why there is so much to consider. For me, I look at what is going on in this world and see that what Our Lady of America has said is happening. She said that if we do not follow her requests there will be great havoc and there is. Can the Bishops not see this? Our Lady said the United States would lead the world in peace. Right now it seems to be that the U.S. is leading the world in chaos. I have been aware of Our Lady of America since around 2006. I had owned a Catholic store for 16 years in Pinole CA. We are in the dioceses of Oakland CA. Where Archbishop Vigneron was our Bishop for a time. He had come to our parish, St. Joseph Church which was across the street from the store. After his visit he came to the store and gave it a blessing.
      In the store, I talked to many about Our Lady of America and will continue. Our Lady said her sons (the bishops) will do what she has asked at the request of the laity. We need to spread this devotion. We need peace.


        Thank you for your comment. It is hard not to see with all the chaos going on in our Nation, that much of it is rooted in evil. If I turn to prayer I trust in God, if I turn to the media, it makes me frantic. I believe God may be lifting the veil of all the evil that is sadly deeply rooted and without Him we are destined to destruction. Our Blessed Mother is always with us. I have only began following Our Lady of America recently and cannot get enough information. The Prayers that Sister Mary Ephrem has written are now part of my daily prayers. I believe the Holy Spirit within us will guide us to continue these devotions. But I cannot but hope there will be one incredible massive following and devotion to Our Lady of America. Her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

  106. Bernadette Shonka, Obl.S.B.

    Thank you for the update. Perhaps my CHAPLET to Our Lady of America will get official approval of a bishop before too much longer. I had great encouragement last year when Cardinal Burke indicated he would have approved, but lacked the authority – must be done by a bishop. 🙂

  107. Sharon

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp:
    I have been wearing the medal since i first read these messages over 15 years ago. Is it possible to purchase more medals? The attraction that people of every age and from every walk of life, have to it is unprecedented and i would like to be able to offer them to more souls of great Faith who would like to wear one.

  108. G

    Things are in her hands, we need to be alert and obedient to her message, and pray.

  109. Wanda Glitz

    We also have had an image of Our Lady of America posted on our front window for several years now. It hangs by the red/white/blue banner with 3 stars for our adult children serving in the military. I wear the medal around my neck with my other religious medals and crucifix. My husband does, too!

    I converted to Catholicism in 1997 and learned first of OLOA while reading about a group promoting her (in CRISIS magazine.) My husband converted in 1998. We have visited her and prayed to her in Washington, DC at the JPII Cultural Center. We have prayed for years that our Bishops will respond to her request to process her into the Basilica and save America while there is still time.

    I was wearing the banner across my shoulders last year while praying at the abortion clinic. An SUV swerved aggressively at me (I was standing at the edge of the curb) and actually hit the banner hung over my shoulders. I believe she protected me from being hit. Yes, a police report was filed and the Thomas More Society took our testimonies. The driver was never found although a complete investigation was done.

    Our country needs her intercession now more than ever since the beginning of the devotion. I believe the miracles will soon follow.

    Our Lady of America, Pray for us!

  110. Anne Zachary

    I’m very pleased to learn that Bishop Thomas Olmsted, of the Diocese of Phoenix , Arizona is a member of the commission ! How truly fitting , and testament of his deep dedication to renewal of the Family,as evidenced in ,“An Apostolic Exhortation to the Husbands and Wives, Mothers and Fathers of the Diocese of Phoenix“ . Our Blessed Mother has asked us all to make reparations for the attacks on the Family , especially here in America! Let us heed her call!

  111. Mary

    Was there any mention in regards to the teachings/messages from Sr. Ephrem’s spiritual experiences, whether these may be shared with others? I have read from a previous email containing the bishops findings that they didn’t find anything contrary to the teachings of the church in her notes/writings. Does this enable us to share them with others? Of course noting they were the fruit of her personal relationship with God.

    If you could please get back to me on this I would so appreciate it.

  112. Fr. Nathan Malavolti, TOR

    Thank you for a very well done article! I continue to have Our Lady of America’s image in my friary room, and daily ask for Her protection on our country at this perilous time! May God bless the good work you are doing!

  113. Thank you, Albert, for your careful explaination. I also have had a great
    devotion to Mother Mary under her title of Our Lady of America. My deep devotion to dear St.Joseph is what drew me to learn more about this devotion. St. Joseph will see that his family will receive their proper reverence according to the holy Will of God.

  114. Lynn

    Wonderful article , Al! As you know, I have watched and prayed for years hoping for a positive outcome…
    I will continue to hope and pray that Our Lady’s requests are able to be fulfilled.
    It was really important for me to hear from you in order to understand correctly the bishops’ response. And all of the help and kindnesses they have extended to you and to this devotion. You have done outstanding work. Thank you so very much. May Heaven greatly reward you for all you have done . I am exceedingly grateful. May our country be blessed by this devotion beyond anything we can imagine!!!

  115. Let it be known that last year my In Dwelling felt a calling to get men back at the Altar and start praying against all principalities of darkness with St Joseph leading us. I met a Brother friar named Brother Victario in August of 2018 in Albuquerque where we stayed in touched with one another. Last year before he left I told him about Our Lady of America and the Men’s group which started on May 2019 he told me he had something to share and stepped out to go get something. When he came back he showed me a book from the Tan book company called “ Manuel for Men “ and now I read this article and I knew only one of these Bishops, Bishop Rhodes of conversations with his office but never with him. The one who wrote the Manuel for Men was none other than the Bishop of Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted. I did not know he was also one of the investigator of this cause. The point is many given signs for me till my last breath to be humble and fight the good fight for Her cause and a new friend. Last thing , calling Men of His Holy Church to rise and come to the Altar and pray with St Joseph as The Protecter of Jesus Holy Church against all darkness as Bishop Olmsted said in the Manuel time to dig in the trenches . Viva el Christo Rey and Ave Maria .

  116. Josh Butts

    I love this article! I think it gives a great commentary of the situation while promoting the apparition and simultaneously respecting the Bishops

  117. Margaret Mason

    I have been praying for years for the Bishop’s approval. Will continue to pray for more encouraging news soon.
    Thank you for bringing us all the updates for years.
    Bless you

  118. Dear Al-
    I write in thanksgiving for your very well prepared analysis of the Church’s position on Our Lady of America. I encourage you to pursue with vigor the parameters of “private devotion.” The Catholic Media Coalition would again like to invite our bishops to join the laity in praying the rosary for many graces during their meeting in the fall, and under the patronage of Our Lady of America. Bishop Mark Brennan of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia; Bishop Joseph Coffee of the U.S. Military Services,; and Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas led our rosaries last November under Our lady of America’s banner, and it would be good to repeat our prayers this year if permissible. Also- the Veil of Innocence web site would like to foster prayer for the protection of the innocence of children under the patronage of Our Lady of America – again- if permissible. This note is sent with profound gratitude for your perseverance and continued generosity.

  119. Thank you, Al, not only for this fine article, but also for your devotion, investment and work on this . God bless you and yours!!

  120. Marilyn Morton

    I have been to the site of the apparition in Rome City and I believe in it ! I have seen the wall in the bedroom weep oil on a daily basis and have heard of some of the “miracles” My hope is that the good that has come from this they will approve it.

  121. Rita Schneider

    I am so very happy that this devotion is permitted by the bishops. The prayer cards were given free at some point and I gave them out to many people who were at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I wear the medal and now will pray the prayers on the prayer card every day. I have the statue of Our Lady of America in my bedroom and don’t know where I purchased this. Perhaps you can purchase this statue at a Catholic shop. I will pray for all those bishops who approved this devotion.
    God Bless America!

  122. Fr Elias Mills

    Ave Maria ! Dear Mr. Langsenkamp, It seems that the late Archbishop Leibold would not have given permission for Sister Mary Ephrem’s messages to be disseminated if he did not believe them to be of supernatural origin. Why give approval for some sister’s pious reflections? Sister Mary Ephrem presented them to the Archbishop as messages from Our Lady and he gave approval for them to be disseminated with that in mind. Seems this a step backward than forward. I also question the theological rigor and competence of some of the bishops doing the investigating when they have a problem with St. Joseph being called a “Coredeemer” with Christ? If St Paul and the rest of us can be a Coredeemers with Christ, why is it not appropriate to call the Foster Father of Our Lord a Coredeemer? Sounds more like politics than theology. If we are looking for miracles to prove its supernatural origin then the bishops have to practice obedience to Her request of having Her image taken in solemn procession and enshrined in a place of honor in the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception before they will see miracles greater than Fatima and Lourdes combined. We are suppose to test every spirit. Let us do what She asks and see what happens? You would think the bishops just out of curiosity would like to see miracles greater than Fatima and Lourdes combined, but as this virus has shown, if seems many of them have more faith in “science” than the supernatural. This statement does not move us forward, and a standstill, is just as good as going backwards. Ave Maria!

    • Mary

      Amen… please Bishops let us get our lady of America in throned in Washington DC asap!!!

  123. Keep praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her intersession.

  124. My Dear Friend Al
    It is such a pleasure to read with a swollen heart the words you and I have discussed many times over the last few years. Concerning Our Lady of America’s Devotion.
    Again, I applaud you and your troops ( Jean, Mike, Kevin) for your hard work you have already completed for Our Lady during the legal battles and renovation at the Center.
    That enormous battle you endured won for us. the gifts of Her Messages, Her Prayers, Her Statue and Medal which are rightly given to All her children of America. from “Our Lady of America.” Without your dedication and love towards Our Lady we may have lost her forever to a commercial world.
    Most of all, I give Thanks for the courage and generosity the Bishops showed towards Our Lady and this Devotion. I hope they will continue to direct us on the best way for devotees to proceed in harvesting the fruits this “Private Devotion “ which will produce great things for our children, our families and our nation.
    As you know Our Lady works on Her own Timeline. I have the feeling that the timeline has accelerated greatly with the Bishops decision.
    I look forward to seeing how Our Lady will intercede and lead us to peace.

  125. Steve Koob

    I’m convinced that the US bishops have not done their part to purify our and their lives as Mary requested through Sister Mildred and AB Leibold. They need to be the spiritual leaders that their Vicar of Christ title demands of them. How?
    By preaching and teaching the moral truths that lead to the purity that OLoA came to promote. What impurities have been accepted in our Church and culture and go unchallenged?
    Contraception (all methods, including sterilization) leads the way to abortion, homosexual sodomy, pornography, and a long litany of other evils that flow from disrespect for the Creator and the gift of Life: suicide (all forms), in-vitro-fertilization, embryonic stem-cell-research, use of aborted babies for research and vaccines, so-called “brain death,” surrogacy, and all other abuses of the sexual faculties including sex trafficking, sex-texting, LGBTQ ideology, gender change, etc., etc.
    WE need to challenge our bishops to challenge us to reform our lives: Catholic members of he healthcare professions to address offenses to the Hippocratic Oath, Natural Law and bioethics principles; Catholic lawyers and legislators to conform the law to God’s Laws; Catholic theologians to seek, find and proclaim TRUTH that is Jesus–the way, truth and life; priests (all levels) to celebrate the Sacred Liturgy (the source and summit of our Faith) with maximum reverence and humility by following the instructions of Cardinal Sarah, so they and we can have the graces necessary to know and follow the TRUTH .

    • Veronica Haesler

      There is a newspaper called Focus which addresses all these concerns. The May 21st issue surprised me. I was not aware that the teachers unions have destroyed all religious freedom in our public schools. This weekly paper really surprised me relating the history of the moral decay in our society and explains the link of adolescent suicide from the Classes on death , sex education and other cultural differences promoting their progressive ideology disguised as free thinking democracy. I highly recommend it.

  126. I am getting more interest and devotion to our Lady of America-the immaculate conception

  127. Veronica Haesler

    This advancement is amazing… finally. I received free prayer cards and a booklet telling the story of this amazing apparition several years ago from Angels Crossing our religious store in Wilmington, DE. My mother and I felt such grace after reading the story. We used the prayer card and shared them with friends. This news explains alot.

  128. Janet


    Many of us are saying this Novena for a call to Order for our country. I implore all of those reading this to find this nine day novena and say it along with us. Our country must be save and it is with Her grace that it will be possible.

  129. vinny defiglio

    i am currently living in a nursing home.and i feel that these cards will help my fellow residents.your friend in god vinny defiglio

  130. Jeffrey J Starre

    My wife and I prayed the Immaculate Conception prayer from the end of April, 2020 for the intention of our daughter’s wedding to go forward on June 13, 2020 as planned despite the restrictions of the Covid pandemic. She interceded and granted us a beautiful wedding Mass at our Our Lady of Mercy church in Carrollton, Ohio, filled with 200 people and a reception that followed in the hall we had planned. As far as we know, at the time, Ohio was the only state to allow receptions of up to 300 people which was granted about two weeks before the wedding. A small miracle in our humble opinion. We placed an Our Lady of America prayer card at every place setting in the hall and gave her and her Son the glory. All the cards were taken home by our guests. Not a single card was left behind. Another small miracle since there were about 30 or more protestant friends present. Praise God!

  131. Eduardo Cabrera

    God bless and cure World of. Covid

  132. Rosaria Ferraro

    Would like to purchase small statue for my home. Do you have any available at this time.

  133. Jennifer Flores

    Thank you Fr Peter Damian Fehlner!

  134. Isabel Blaha

    I would like 500 prayer cards for our parish.

  135. Theresa Ranagan

    I would like to place these card in our parish church Our Lady of Perpetual Church, in hope to group our congregation. I’m trying hard to build our church. I host the rosary every Friday night, during the summer the rosary was said in the parking lot everyone brought their own beach chairs and I set up out theBlessed Mother Stature and we sat around Her an prayed the rosary. I feel the people of this parish are longing for more and these card could be a good start.

  136. Kevin Kilkeary

    Where is the Statue currently located?

    • María SanchezOBrien


      What a beautiful statue! Where can one purchase a statuette, a smaller statue, between 8-12”?

  137. Diane Saia

    I pray that the Bishops obey our ladies request. I would love to send a statue to the White House too. May our lady of America deliver us from the evil of Abortion.

  138. Richard Roosen

    This statue of O.L. of America needs to be more widely available to parishes to place in their churches for public veneration. I would like to purchase one for use in mine-but cannot find any sources from which to purchase. Can anyone assist in this regard? I can be reached at: for this purpose.

  139. Thank you and God bless!

  140. The novina is the best thing to do!!!
    I encourage EVERYONE to go to
    After you sign up,
    They will send you a short, easy to read email each day of the novina.
    Blessings to you and yours, -kevin-

  141. Ron

    I totally agree we are on the brink of interior spiritual collapse as a nation “because we have turned away from God.” All the signs are present it’s heading that direction. I join you in prayer for our nation that we turn back to God before we collapse in a big way.

  142. Diane Wasiniak

    I live in the Diocese of Toledo and stumbled upon this devotion to Our Lady of America while visiting in DC for the Right to Life March 3 years ago. I started to research and was particularly interested because of the downfall of family life and impurity in our world. Having visited Medjugorje 10 years ago (and 5 more times) I received what I call a miracle and found a closer relationship to Jesus through Mary. At this time our America as we know it is threatened due to the secular world which has thrown God out and replaced Him with idols. The family is at risk of being replaced by individuals who do what they choose to do to their bodies, abort, euthanize, change sex and define marriage according to their will and not the Will of Our Father! “Modern man doesn’t want to be saved. He wants to be affirmed.” We must continue to pray that the will of our father be done and that America be protected and our families healed and made stronger.

  143. Gerald P. Webre

    We pray to Mary, our Mother and Patroness of America to ask her Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to ask God, His Father and our Father, to have the newly elected President of the United States be Pro-Life and Pro-God in our Public Schools and Public Life, for the greater Honor and Glory of God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

  144. Eleanor

    Can the statue of our Lady of America be taken to the basilica in Washington during this time by lay people!

    • Comment by post author


      A statue of Our Lady of America has already been processed into the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. But it was not done by the Bishops. So it does not seem to be a fulfillment of her desire. Still need prayers for this to happen.

  145. Mary

    Hello thank-you for the article and for the beautiful picture of Our Lady of America mounted on a pillar of Her Immaculate Heart, in the night deep blue shrine room. Can you please post the location and date of this picture and shrine, and whether permission is granted to disperse this particular image in Her shrine, or what is necessary to gain permission? Thank-you. Mary

  146. Pam J

    I am so thrilled to see this beautiful statue on display again! So fitting that it is in Rome City, where she first appeared as Our Lady of America, at least until the Bishops enthrone this statue in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and finally fulfill her request. Praying for the request to be fulfilled and for our country!

  147. eileen Bridget

    thankyou and yes, a group here at St MARYS’ has been praying the Rosary and will continue in honor of OUR LAFY OF AMERICA AND OF THE IMMACULAYE CONCEPTION !

  148. Ron Houssaye

    Ave Maria! I wish I could be transported to pray before the statue of Our Lady of America in Rome City tomorrow. Instead I will be thinking of her at mass in my city of residence in Wisconsin. Let all be as God wills.

  149. In 2007, the statue of Our Lady of America visited a church in Queens, NY. I visited at least 3, maybe 4, times throughout the course of the week. I had a very important special intention and promised the Blessed Mother that I would make a pilgrimage to visit her statue in Washington after it was granted. The prayer intention was granted far in excess of what I even asked for, and I still haven’t made that pilgrimage. I inquired about the statue and couldn’t figure out where it was. I am so happy to hear it is in the chapel in Rome, Indiana. I am over ten hours’ drive away, so I cannot be there today, but if it would be possible to go inside the chapel, I would like to come in the next month or two.

  150. Julie General

    Hello! I have two questions about Mary’s requests concerning Our Lady of America’s statue. I read in Janice T. Connell’s book “The Secrets of Mary” that Mary has asked for a solemn procession to the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception with the statue of Our Lady of America. Has this been done? Also, She asked that Her statue be place in the Basilica, and that graces would be given to the United States. I am wondering why the statue is still in Rome City if She said she wanted it in the Basilica. Thanks for your time!

  151. Theresa Palmer

    Thank you, Mr. Langsenkamp, for your inspirational website. I have been spreading devotion to Our Lady of America for several years now. I am Bernadette Shonka’s sister. I just wrote to my bishop, Bishop Michael F. Burbidge today to support devotion, procession and enthronement. Let us all continue to pray!

  152. Alice Gunther

    This is extremely beautiful. I hope to be able to attend one of these Masses.

  153. Bill and Norma Jean Sharrett

    This is wonderful news. Praise God. We pray for the success of this much needed devotion to Our Blessed Mother
    Bill and Norma Jean Sharrett

  154. Sarah Speer

    Would it be possible to have a tour after Mass?

  155. Joan J Lasek

    Very happy to hear that the Masses and devotions continue at the Chapel. My friends from NW Ohio will be pleased to hear about this and also the loyal visitors in Indiana..a Spark of Hope after the winter ..I am sure Our Lady of America is pleased with this revival…

  156. Ron Houssaye

    It’s wonderful news that masses will begin on March 6 at the Chapel. Have you considered live streaming it on Facebook? I would love to attend that way, since I live in Wisconsin and can’t travel to Rome, IN.

  157. I wish I could be there in person. I hope I will be able to lie stream this wonderful Mass. Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of Our Land, pray for us and protect your children and our land!

  158. Virginia

    It’s necessary during this time in our history to live stream your mass & share your knowledge of OUR LADY OF AMERICA, Joseph, Jesus Prince of Peace, Jesus of All Nations, the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family. Love to God who opened my eyes to Mother of Mercy Chapel, Rome City Indiana and all of you. Whoever is in charge of streaming the mass, I too wish to attend; please notify me at my email address which is entered along with the name & email request below this where it said leave a reply. I look forward to your progress, may God Bless everyone with all their undertakings to be joyous & successful. Shalom, Virginia

  159. Gina

    Lindy, As long as you call on Mother Mary by: Mother of the Holy Child, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Daughter of God. Then continue your intercession prayed twice (this can be second witnessed by your Guardian Angel; it’s a way to get it taken to God to His Heavenly Courts on His time. Ask in the name of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your request will be heard. . I googled Catholic Saints for Healing and got several good links; you may wish to try that. Jehovah Rophe, and Mother Mary is known for giving Graces. You can ask for the Grace of Healing. The priests have Holy Oil for the sick, mail or fax a photo of the patient with a request to bless it with His oil for the sick and/or to join your prayers that the patient will heal on speaker phone with you on an appointed time & date. Make sure you say your Act of Contrition prior to this, I Timothy 2: 1-2 (in the KJV of the Bible) , the Our Fathe and the Hail Mary. Look for this in your search bar you’ll find several wonderful
    prayers including one for healing from cancer… in your search bar enter : catholic prayer for the sick. 1 Timothy 2:1-2
    King James Version
    2 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

    2 For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

    You may choose to search for the complete chapter read the Read full chapter. When we offer up prayers of the suffering we’re in the midst of for the reparations of sin in the world and ask for healing not only for ourselves but for those in the world who also need this prayer that they too may have the peace & grace of healing our prayer becomes blessed. I’ve had a few relatives cross over, and in it witnessed miracles, there is a heaven, there is Holy Trinity & Holy Family. I’ve also witnessed those who’ve survived and are still alive. Through each journey God is with us always present. Shalom

    • Comment by post author


      The Church has a great gift of healing in the Sacrament of the Sick. We should encourage those in need of God’s healing to seek this sacrament from a Priest as soon as possible. I have seen miracles associated with this sacrament!

  160. Co

    As we practice it when growing up … First Saturday always follows First Fridays. In those rare months once a year where Saturday begins the month like this May 1st does First Saturday should be May 8th 2021. (As the First Friday in May is May 7th).
    This is done so those who participate in the First Friday / First Saturday Night Vigil devotions are not interupted by a delay. The rule really is First Saturday Follows

    • Comment by post author


      You may be right, but I can’t find anything official about the sequence of days that you mention. If you have something official, please provide it to us so that we can follow the norms. In the meantime, First Saturday Mass for May 2021 will be on the 1st.
      God Bless!

  161. Marie Ostermann, WAF Honduras

    Thank you for spreading devotion to Mary’s Immaculate Heart especially the devotion of the Communions of reparation on the first Saturdays. There is one small thing, though. Our Lady asked for Holy Communion, not Mass. The reason is that if a person is sick, in the hospital, or homebound, it is still possible for them to fulfill Jesus and Mary’s request for reparation on the first Saturday if someone brings them Holy Communion although it may not be possible for them to go to Mass.

  162. Ron Houssaye

    Good distinction, good reminder. Thank you.

  163. Laura Macaluso

    Hi guys! How are things going there? Planning on making another trip out with Nicolai soon. All of this is so miraculous and amazing it’s hard to describe in words. But I want to spread the word so yeah if there’s ways I can help please be sure to let me know

  164. Lisa

    Hello! I am brand new to this devotion. Can you tell me, if Sr. Ephrem has died –in what year?– how can there be recent videos on YouTube of recent messages from Our Lady of America? It sounds fake — as if someone has commandeered the devotion.
    Please clarify.
    Thank you and God bless your work!

    • Comment by post author


      Sr. Mary Ephrem died in the 2000. Her spiritual director, Archbishop Leibold died in 1972. He reviewed and printed the diary of “Messages” with entries through December 20, 1959. He did not allow for any further entries in a printed diary.

      I do not know for certain, but to my understanding no bishop has allowed for any subsequent message to be promoted as a private devotion. The diary through December 20, 1959 has been allowed as part of a private devotion of the lay faithful.

  165. Thank you. I have the book from Sr. emphrum. The Blessed Mother loves us her children.

  166. I Will join with the celebration of a Holy Mass also here in Udine, and pray and spread the message.

  167. Theresa Freshwater

    What I remember reading initially re Our Lady of America, a few years ago , was that she wished to be solemnly processed into the Basilica by the BISHOPS (The Catholic Conference of Bishops). Unfortunately, that has not been done yet. We, our country, urgently needs for this to be accomplished for the graces of protection she promises on our county, as our Patroness, especially in these troubled times. Please spread the prayer intention to have the bishops agree to do this honor for Our Lady of America, as she requested before it’s too late.

  168. steve koob

    Al, this is absolutely beautiful.
    thank you very much.

    On today’s “The Quest for a Culture of Life in America” I will be reviewing Jeanne Dvorack’s book, Natural Family Planning and the Christian Moral Code, Fr. Wathen Books, Louisville, 2017

  169. Karen Hochstein

    Did Our Lady of America not request the Bishops of America to enthrone her statue in the Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.?

  170. Dorris Neff

    Our Lady promised that if the Bishops solemnly process her statue into the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. as she wishes to be honored there in a special way as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin ,great graces would pour forth and that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima, miracles not of the body but of the soul would be granted here in America. I’ve waited over 50 years to see this happen. Why haven’t the Bishops granted our Lady her wish for America. Now more than ever America need all of Heavens help

  171. Mary Barr

    Thank you for updates. Do we need to make reservations for attending the Saturday Mass this coming weekend, August 7?

  172. Nancy Bickel

    Beautiful! Thank you

  173. J. Rutherford

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,
    I am still hoping, praying and waiting for the bishops to make the procession of Our Lady of America statue, as she requested.

  174. Olivia

    O Sacrament Most Holy
    O Sacrament Divine
    All Praise And All Thanksgiving
    Be Every Moment Thine!

    • Jennifer

      We say this prayer every time Our Lord is taken out for Exposition and Adoration. I absolutely LOVE this prayer!! Thank-you for the reminder! xo

    • Jim Dunn

      Follow the “O Sacrament Most Holy” Prayer with-“Blessed be the most Holy Immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary”
      Pray this prayer upon entering Church and genuflecting before the Blessed Sacrament.

  175. eileen fusaro

    Thankyou, this brings such hope ! Eileen Bridget

  176. Mary Buser

    It is so sad Our Lady’s request was not granted. We could have saved our Country so much suffering. Let us turn to her and pray for our nation, our bishops and the priests and laity.

  177. Jo Anne Westerheide

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,

    Thanks for posting these. Hurray! that pilgrim numbers are growing. May it continue & Our Lady’s requests finally be fulfilled.

  178. Bernadette Shonka

    Great post. I do believe that Our Lady of America is the key to saving both our beloved USA and Souls. She calls ALL people – all her children – not just Catholics – Purity – recall the 10 Commandments – they speak to Jews and Christians. For those of us Catholics – Mass – Rosary – etc. It is wonderful to see more and more people trying to live her messages. God bless you! See you this SAT!

    • Diane

      I believe it’s time to walk the street in neighborhoods praying. Priests should take the Eucharist in adoration to the streets. Poland are not afraid to be proud Catholics, they went through hell and Our Lady through JP2 turned the country from communists to freedom. We can do but we need courage and be not afraid. When I grew up novenas, adoration, were constantly going on in churches. Our lady of Fatima Warned if the liturgy was changed the church would commit suicide. They did change it, from Latin Traditional to dancing and clapping dressing like they are going to football games. The Eucharist was moved off the center alter. The Railing came down and REVERENCE went out the window. America must turn around and repent. Sunday is still a Holy Day. How many even know that? Jesus warned the crying women.. weep not for me weep for your children and yourselves. Let’s make 2022 the year of The Holy Family to help us repent and pray and FASTING. Our lady said Fasting can alter nature I believe her. By the Holy and Immaculate Conception oh Mary Deliver us from evil. I have her statue and medal and decal on my car window and my home window. Time is running out, get the lanterns filled. It’s also Divine Mercy Time. Trust Jesus turn around. .. PS .. Mask’s are hiding the image and likeliness of God.

      • William. Sharrett Sr.

        God bless you Diane
        You are the voice of Truth crying out in the desert of self love which Satan has lead so many to accept without any restrictions on their lust for personal pleasures.

  179. Ron Houssaye

    Well written and logical. I think if we accept Our Lady’s call to purity, her challenge to self-sacrifice, we can turn the tide of selfishness that threatens to flood this republic. May those graces to do it come forth from heaven!

  180. I pray to her every night.

  181. Hector Charneco

    I always had felt that our nation will fall one day. But even with prayers, would it be sufficient to even slow down the decline of our nation? I am not free from sin and really, nobody is. It is a difficult road to imitate Christ! There is so much happening in the world that I have noticed some of the predictions as stated in the book of revelations already have happened. However, the book of revelations is designed to make sure that nobody predicts what is going to happen, let’s say tomorrow, which is a good thing! I am always conscious of and aware of what’s happening around me in a religious sense of way even though I must admit, I don’t really read the bible everyday. I do my own version of the Hail Mary which gives me some strength and temptation is always around me when I think I am trying to do some good. Right now all we have is hope in God that He can help us do the right thing in Jesus name. God bless!

  182. Cindy Steffinich

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,
    I wrote to all the Bishops who investigated this apparition. I begged them to take heed and do what our Blessed Mother has requested. I told them that what is going on in our country is on their shoulders. The only one I heard back from is Archbishop Vigneron. He thanked me for the letter and said he joined me in prayer.

  183. Marianne Sibal

    Don’t wait til then. Start praying for them, and for those who are asking the bishops to attend to correcting poor behavior, now. Signup to “adopt a Bishop” by praying before the Blessed Sacrament during a private holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration on their behalf at
    God bless you. Fiat!

  184. Lorraine Cekoric

    Most holy name of Mary protect us. I love you.

  185. Patty

    Oh beautiful pure and holy is our Mama Mary!!!

  186. Janet Neff

    I have also wondered why ?? the Bishops did not return Our Lady’s request of her statue being in procession into the National Shrine of the ‘ Immaculate Conception’ Her request was way back in the 1950’s -Sixties. The Virgin Mary who seemed concerned about the private lives of Americans as society was about to plummet into the Sixties. Her emphasis was on the hazards of materialism and the need for purity at a time when sexual revolution was about to consume America-which despite its size had never had an official apparition. It was in 1956,eve of the feast of the North American Martyrs ,that the Virgin Mary began her apparitions. She said to Sister Mildred that miracles “greater than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima “would be granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we do as she desires. She was asking for moral leadership and purity. most of this message was taken from other messages back in 2002 and 2008 and many other messages asking WHY was Mary’s request not answered. And look how it all has gotten so very worse.

  187. Is this associated with Luisa Piccarreta’s Divine Will? If so, why are you mixing this up with Our Lady of America’s message? Fr. John Hardon, Fr. William Most and Tim Staples have written about the errors in Piccarreta’s writing. If you are promoting Piccarreta’s writings I am very disappointed in that judgement. Please just concentrate on Our Lady of America’s message.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Rosemarie,
      We do not promote Luisa Piccareta at the Center. However, we have hosted the conference of the lay faithful who are promoting the Divine Will devotion.

      There are no official English translations of her writings. Some unofficial translations are known to contain serious error and are most likely the basis of the condemnations that your cite.

      Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta’s cause has proceeded beyond the diocesan level and is now being reviewed by Vatican. I think it is too early for any condemnation, but the Archbishop of Trani, Italy has cautioned against the study of the erroneous translations.

      Please see the following:

  188. It is about time that OurLady of America being honor ad recognise as such. She requested to be install in the the cathedral in Washington DC.

  189. Kathy Gagliardi

    Why isn’t Our Lady enthroned in the Basilica, Washington, DC as She’s
    requested years ago.

  190. Deacon Bob Kirby

    Great news!!!!!Al, your hard work and devotion to this cause has now found HER a home
    God bless you , Deacon Bob Kirby

  191. Bernadette Shonka

    Why did I not see this until Dec 9th? I thought I was signed up for all of your updates?

  192. Carolyn

    Thrilled to read this wonderful news! Thanks be to God.

  193. Carolyn

    Thanks be to God. This is wonderful news.

  194. praying and thinking about this happening…..I think with the political and government situation in this country….the wicked medical establishment……the disgusting condition of the far majority of the current liberal USCCB and the complete lack of true traditional Catholic spirituality of most of our bishops….the possibility of the tidal wave from the Island of LaPalma hitting the east coast for quite a ways inland……and the fact that a good traditional, orthodox bishop granted her a home…..finally! in Indiana speaks well of the likely hood of her protection for this area in the United States…..and with her mercy and guidance for the rest of us in this country……I think this is the perfect home for her….

  195. and all of this on the Feast Day of Saint Juan Diego…….
    and Our Lady of Guadalupe on Sunday the 12th

  196. Jayne Maggio

    Now, let us enthrone Her in DC where she’s most needed at this critical juncture in our American Experiment!

  197. Jennifer Hullinger

    So grateful

  198. Cloe Roesler

    Let us thank God and Our Lady mightily for this. God’ s will for America is being done through a side door and it bodes well for us. Thank you Bishop Rhoades and Rome (Ind).

  199. Marie Ostermann

    Wonderful to see this progress made towards the goal of having Our Lady enthroned in the Basilica in Washington, DC by the Bishops!

  200. William Sharrett Sr

    Any clear thinking Christian who truly loves the Lord with a good knowledge of Scripture and leads a prayerful life patiently looking forward to His return to save His flock must feel in his heart that, as the world has gotten to the place that a large part of mankind no longer believes in the sanctity of life and the value of preserving the Word and Spirit of the Creator for our posterity, it is beyond time for His divine intervention into the affairs of nations in order to save the souls of the faithful and their children.
    When a nation such as America, founded on the principles of religious freedom, liberty and justice for all, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal which has twice within the last century saved the world from the hands of godless tyrants and their armies slaughtering millions in their quest to rule the world and has now all but fallen into apostacy as a result of decades of capitulation to those within our government who are blatantly devoid of and despise the Ten Commandments as well as our own peoples Constitution and is on the brink of monetary collapse, we have no other choice but to fall on our knees and seek God’s Divine Mercy to save His people.

  201. mary brockup

    lets all pray that she gets to the Basilica in Washington D C as she requested, Thank you all , Mary Brockup

  202. Robert Finger

    What a great gift to the United States and to all of America.

  203. Theresa

    Thank you Bishop Rhoades for giving a home to Our Lady of America.

  204. mary

    Are you still in need of funds to make the matching amount? If not I will send a donation later, otherwise will try to get check in mail today.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Mary,
      As of this date we are 2/3+ of the way to consuming all the available match. Our board of directos is very eager to see all of it used to advance Our Lady’s mission. Now or later, know your donation will be used to further this work.

  205. michael voss jr

    Will Our Lady Of America be in the March For Life 1-21-22 Since our government has forgotten the millions of Americans who has voted for them and their promise to work for the people that VOTED for them I’m sick of hearing democrats they only vote for there feelings not the people who put them there SOME ARE MINSTERS OF GOD ( they claim to be ) one I sorry to say is from KANSAS CITY MISSOURI THIS DEMOCRATS NEED TO REMEMBER THEY HAVE TO TALK TO SAME GOD I DO BUT THEY ARE CARING THE LIVES AND SOULS OF EVERYONE THEY GUIDE TO THE LORD OR FROM THE LORD so OUR LADY OF AMERICA IS NEEDED TO REMIND THEM NOW BERORE ITS TO LATER THIS LAST 5 YEARS HAVE BEEN RUN BY EVIL NOT OF GOD OUR LADY PROMISED HEALING WHEN SHE IS IN THE NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION BASILIA in Washington DC BRING GOD BACK TO AMERICA TO HELP THE WORLD’S PEOPLE AGAIN..

  206. James &Denise Heisler

    Please need your address to mail you a check. Thank you.
    May all that you do be for the Greater Glory of God.Fiat !!

  207. mary

    Al. Check will be in the mail tomorrow.
    I have been looking everywhere for a faithful replica statue of our Lady of America.
    Are there any that you know of in production?

  208. mary

    The check I sent was in honor of my husband, Ted. It was sent without the note that explained that.

  209. I praise God for Bishop Rhoades’ initiative in honoring Mary as Patroness of America by his past, present and future efforts promoting this pilgrimage site.

  210. Catherine

    Blessed Mother please protect and guide us every moment of our lives. Love Our Blessed Mother!!

  211. Fr David Kelly, OFM

    I am happy to learn of this development.

  212. Mary Noren

    Thank you!

  213. michael zoute

    she said in my dream. she is mother of God…

  214. Chad Dart

    May I ask where is the statue currently?

    • Comment by post author


      The statue that was first displayed at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Meeting in 2006 and later on display at the John Paul II Cultural Center is now at the Our Lady, Patroness of America Center in Rome City, IN. This is the sight of the alleged apparitaion to Sr. Mary Ephrem in 1956 and is recognized as an offical place of pilgrimage for the devotion to Our Lady of America. See for more information.

  215. nancy bickel

    thank you so much!!! 2 questions: where is the center located and how is the best way to spread devotion to Our Lady of America?

  216. Anita Louise Bernadette Benz

    Praying Her Statue of Our Lady of America is put in the Basilica in Washington DC very soon

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