Our Lady of America

The Immaculate Virgin



  1. Pam J

    Thank you for this new blog… If ever Our Lady of America was needed stat it is now! This article is so informative, but in the link cited by Roman Catholic Man , he states that the first several messages and apparitions happened in Rome City , Ohio. The city is correct but Rome City, is in Indiana not Ohio. I’m praying daily that the Bishops can enthrone her statue (as she requested 60 years ago this fall) in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception….ASAP!
    “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, Deliver Us From Evil!”

  2. Marie

    Thanks be to God and Our Lady of America for this victory! While it grieves us that this delay and scandal have given opportunity to the evil one to advance his causes, bringing the U.S. to ever deeper lows day by day, we know that nothing is impossible with God! While it appears to be too late to turn this once great nation around to avoid the great chastisement through prayer and penance, it is never too late to save individuals still in need of conversion. Yet, who can underestimate what Our Lady can accomplish at the last minute, when the U.S. Bishops finally agree to fulfill Her request?! If Pope Francis approves and recommends the First Saturday Devotion at Fatima on May 13, 2017, (which Heaven still awaits) and if the Bishops of the U.S. (and the world) take up this Devotion of reparation with a return to purity, we can hope that Our Lady will obtain a great Miracle that may be similar to what was experienced on Oct. 13, 1917! Our Lord told Sr. Lucia, “It is never too late to have recourse to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.”

  3. Linda

    July 5, 2016
    Where is the statue of Our Lady of American now? Is it possible to visit?

    • Clarice DeJesus

      Hi Linda,
      I was at the John Paul II Shrine and his feast day Oct. 22, and they told me the statue was moved to storage. I was so disappointed. And It is not just a statue. She is Our Mother and she needs to be among her children. I have emailed the staff of this site to ask for advisement to address this situation.
      Clarice DeJesus

      • ahlangse

        Dear Linda,

        I share your disappointment. The statue was removed many years ago when the John Paul II Shrine faced financial difficulty and was at risk of closing. Hopefully, Our Lady of America can make a visit there once again.

  4. Susan Lovato

    You asked the question somewhat proverbially… “Where does this devotion go from here? I have one answer for you. By the Lord’s prompting in November of 2014 I began work to begin a new religious community. It is a Society of Apostolic Life. We are working closely with our local Judicial Vicar so we may stay on the “canonically correct” path. Our name is Servants of Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling and the Our Lady of Amerca’s messages are part of our core devotions. I ama layperson and an oblate. Another oblate is a Monsignor here in my diocese. Our community was officially formed just a month ago on June 9, St. Ephrem’s Feast Day. Already we have two women interested in consecrated religious life in this community. Thank you for making materials available.. Please pray for our new community for benefactors and for the Lord to call workers for the harvest!
    Susan Lovato
    Founder, Servants of Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling

  5. Cindy Prus

    Where can I get a picture or statue of Our Lady Of America ?

    • ahlangse

      Dear Cindy,

      Statues are not avaiable at this time. But, you can download a picture for free on the devotionals page at http://www.ourladyofamerica.org/wordpress/devotionals/devotionals-2/ You can print it at home or send it to any of the photo shops.

      It is a high resolution image so it can be enlarged. Some have even enlarged the imagine to 4 feet by 8 feet and taken it to abortion facilities. Great miracles have been reported.

      God bless you!


  6. Maureen G. Hahn

    What a beautiful bit of news I just discovered on my computer when opened the e-mail. So happy to hear that there was such good news and that, as you put it, “We Won”!! I have been praying to Our Lady of America ever since I read the first e-mail about her. What a miracle and what an amazing settlement in the courts. I am brought to tears over this because of all the toxic election news and the hatred and discontent going on concerning the upcoming elections. Perhaps when she is properly carried in to the Basillica, things will begin to lead us to a successful election to stop the people in power who are so determined to destroy this beautiful country. We were founded by good, decent, God fearing men and I believe God has blessed us abundantly and has a purpose for America being so strong. We now seem to be losing our ability to stay strong and the forces of evil are growing more and more powerful. This means our prayers have to intensify and Our Lady of America apparently wants to give us victory. We have to do our part for it to work……….and that means get on our knees as pray as often and as much as we can. She will save us if we but turn to her and to her Divine Son. God Bless all who worked so hard to achieve this victory.

  7. Donna Shaheen

    The medal of Our Lady of America is beautiful. I would like to purchase a few to distribute. Also, I would like to order 50 holy cards that are free so I can distribute them to family and friends. Is there a booklet that tells the whole story of Our Lady of America?

  8. pam j

    I believe these visitations were so important not only for the faithful and our country, but especially in the propagation of this important devotion. The visitation in Indianapolis in particular, was not only important at the time, but as we now know, would be of extreme import, when those who tried to halt the momentum of this devotion, by filing a counterclaim lawsuit here in Indianapolis against those with pure motives for promoting the devotion to Our Lady of America. Despite Bishop Blair’s order for the counterclaimants to drop said lawsuit, not only did they defy his directive and proceed with their suit, but when the jury found against them, they appealed and after further legal wrangling, they were once again defeated. Additionally, and of utmost importance, the court strongly recommended that no other appeals be entertained in the future!

    I believe that those who tried to derail, defile and destroy this devotion were thwarted because Our Lady of America interceded in this court outcome at least in part because of the love and honor shown to her through the visitation of her statue in Indianapolis in 2007, as well as the prayers for the plaintiffs by those faithfully devoted to her under this title!

    Our Lady of America and the devotion she requested under the same title not only prevailed but won a monumental victory!

    The Indianapolis visitation was part of a nationwide Procession of her statue as Our Lady of America – it began in August 2007, in St. Louis, Archbishop Burke’s diocese at that time and culminated in Washington D.C., in the JP II Center just blocks from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception where she requested and is still waiting for enthronement as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin!

    Now hopefully the victory in the legal system, and our prayers for Our Lady of America’s requests will renew the momentum sparked by those nationwide processions and church visitations in 2007 and will greatly and Divinely inspire the U.S. Bishops to immediately fulfill her requests.

    Especially with the upcoming election, please continue to pray that very soon, we will finally see the fulfillment of her requests as we witness the enthronement of her statue as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.!

    • Barbara Rickman

      Time To Push our bishops and be relentless! I have asked the Bishop of Bridgeport CT, Frank Caggiano to take the lead in encouraging his brother bishops to proceed with Our Lady’s wishes! He led a procession thru the streets of Norwalk CT on August 14, 2016, with an image of what would become known as Our Lady Or Norwalk. The image is in St. Mary Church, in Norwalk CT. I asked him to encourage his brother bishops to put Our Lady of America in her basilica as she asked and it now time for the laity of the church all over this nation to do the same! If we are really as patriotic as we say we are, why would we not want the very best for our troubled country? Is not Our Lady’s care for this nation, the ultimate good we want for America? If so, please, petition your bishop to support this request from Heaven itself! What better thing can we do for America? Really!

  9. Judith E Vorndran

    What wonderful work is being done with Our Lady of America helping. I pray for continued success with Pope Francis and the bishops.

  10. Michael Waters

    I also would like to order some of the medal’s Do you have plans for another order, Thank you

    • ahlangse

      Dear Michael,

      We do not have the medals at this time. When they are available we will post on the web site and send out a newsletter.

      God Bless,

  11. Michael Waters

    WOW I feel so blessed as I have just learned about Our Lady of America today from a visiting family to our parish. They were staying after mass to pray the rosary and I asked if I could join them. After our prayers they spent about an hour talking to me and giving me some prayer cards and information. I am so happy to have found this and plan on praying to her for her guidance in the upcoming election. I am heart broken that our country is in such a mess. I need spiritual guidance on how to vote. Let us all pray for her intercession for this election.

    • ahlangse

      Dear Michael,
      Indeed these are difficult times. Pray for the outpouring of graces promised by this devotion and that our bishops will act with prudence and urgency.

      “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, oh Mary, deliver us from evil”


  12. JOAN


  13. Mary Greenstein

    Hi, Please let our prayer group know how we can help Our Lady to get her image/statue into the Basilica.

  14. Cindy Prus

    Are there any plans to have a smaller statue made and or medals of Our Lady of America that we can purchase?

  15. Gloria Webber

    I would love to purchase a statue of Our Lady of America, as well as a few medals. Please tell me how to go about this.

    Thank you.

  16. Pedro Tandoc Jr

    I agree that through the powerful intercession of our Mother Mary whose heart and that of her Son are united, our country can once more be the Christian nation and the shining beacon of grace that will dispel the darkness of people’s hearts here and the whole world. But we, her children, must pray and continue praying until the forces of evil are destroyed. I join you as another prayer warrior.

  17. Clarice DeJesus

    I visited the John Paul II National Shrine a few weeks ago on his feast day, Oct. 22, and with great anticipation was also very excited to say a prayer before Our Lady of America. However, she was nowhere to be found, and the staff who could remember her told me “the statue was moved to storage” and I was unsuccessful in finding anyone who could tell me why. Now we have another challenge to overcome. If anyone has anymore information, please advise.

  18. Margaret Delmonego

    God Bless America
    Thank you, Holy Mother! Help us, place us under the protection of your motherly mantle!
    Thank you, Jesus, for sending her to us!

  19. Tegan Pryor

    This year I would like to give statues of
    ” Our Lady Of America” as Christmas Gifts, after such a contentious presidential election cycle in USA.

    Can you tell me where I can purchase, Our Lady Of America statues? I’d like various sizes for both indoor & outdoors. I checked EWTN’S Religious Catalogue website and didn’t see any.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance of where I can locate this item.

    God Bless & Merry Christmas

    • ahlangse

      Dear Tegan,
      Unfortunately, statues of Our Lady of America are not available at this time. As an alternative you may download the image of Our Lady of America free of charge at http://www.ourladyofamerica.org/wordpress/devotionals/devotionals-2/. There are many companies that can print that image on canvass and then frame it. Makes a beautiful gift and fulfills Our Lady’s request to have her image in our homes.

      Best Christmas wishes to you and your!

  20. John DeLellis

    I’m confused a little. I thought our LADY OF AMERICA, was already in Her final home, in the Basilica. What is needed to get it there? If it’s the bishops, then we must tell them to foget politics and let’s get the ball rolling. Please, what is needed? Thanks

    • ahlangse

      Dear John,
      Unfortunately, the request has not been fulfilled by the bishops. The devotion fell into dormition with the death of Archbishop Leibold in 1972. Recently, many of the faithful have learned of her message and have embraced her call. This has reignited interest by the bishops. There is a group of bishops that are working in earnest to get this done. Please pray for them.

      God bless you!

      • Barbara Rickman

        I am, and will continue to pray that Bp Frank Caggiano will lead that effort. He asked to come to St. Mary Norwalk CT to celebrate the octave of the Feast Of The Assumption 2017! Yes! He asked to come! He has our Lady’s heart in him so I will keep praying that he will be the leader needed to effect the procession of OLOA into her basilica.

  21. One of my daily prayers includes an invocation that Mother Mary’s statue OUR LADY OF AMERICA will very soon reside in her Immaculate Conception Basilica/Shrine in Washington, D.C, and that the bishops of our country will soon carry out her wish in solemn ceremony for just that event.

  22. Carol Paul

    I, too, would like to purchase a medal when they are available. I would also be interested in a statue of Our Lady of America if it is available. Thank you and may God bless us through His Immaculate Mother!

  23. Bernadette Harris

    We have been a Center since early 2000 and Our Time is Not Our Lady’s Time or God’s Time. In Time “Their TIME” things will get moving please God. People out west especially in Indiana have really been carrying the Ball. Particuarly Al L. and close people to him. So please keep in prayer that more people will ASK their Bishops to move on a simple request and get it done. Only GOOD will come from Our Lady’s requests to be place in Washington Basilica! Also please Pray For Those Who Have Yet To Experience God’s Love”, these are the people who are causing all the problems in the World!

  24. Frances Mary Torrance

    Although I am not an American, (I am Scottish). I have visited the U.S. Many, many times and have found it to be not only beautiful but your people are genuinely friendly, sincere and kind. My late dear father was a sailor and traveled the world for 25 years, visiting the U.S. Many times and in his opinion “America was the most open handed and generous nation in the world.” By the grace of God and the Loving care of Our Blessed Lady, as well as our prayers, we will re discover the wonderful qualities of Faith, Hope and Charity which will result in bringing the population of the United States back to the Trust in Almighty God which it once proclaimed. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  25. Frances Mary Torrance

    Now we know that Satan exists ( his greatest trick was in persuading us that he was a myth) we should return to the practice of reciting the Saint Michael prayer at the end of mass as was done in my youth. Parents must pray with their children as it is as easy to form them in a good habit as in a bad one. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  26. Kathy Graeve

    Yes, praying for this intention. Where is our beautiful Lady of America statue now?
    I was in Washington DC 3 years ago and looking fir her. No one knew where she was .We tried the Pope John Paul II center and asked at the Basilica.

    • Pam J

      I too was at the JP II CENTER twice, once in 2010 when I was blessed to see this beautiful statue in person. It is breathtaking. But last spring while visiting relatives, my husband and I returned to the now St John Paul II Center . Only one of many employees even knew the statue had ever been there. I was told by this same employee that when the Knights of Columbus took over the center they decided that the statue of Our Lady of America did not belong in a center honoring the saint. However, I would vigorously disagree with such thinking as upon his World Youth Day visit to Denver, then Pope John Paul processed with another statue of Our Lady of America (the one pictured in this blog hadn’t been commissioned at that time). The statue he processed with was later placed in Hanceville at our Lady of Angels .
      But I believe he was such a proponent of Our Lady of America ( and his lifelong devotion to Our Lady as evidenced by “Totus Tuus”), that he would have fought to keep her statue at his center until enthronement in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Regardless I have been told by someone in authority that the statue is being kept privately but readily available for the fulfillment of Our Lady of America ‘s request for enthtonement.
      Also in this centennial year of Fatima and Our Lady’s appearances there, it is of interest to note that the first time Our Lady of America requested that a statue in her likeness be enthroned took place in an apparition to Sr. Mildred on October 13th 1956! In that visitation, Instead of a lily she generally held, she held an exact replica of the finished Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in her hands ( even more amazing because it was not completed for 2-3 years after this apparition)!

  27. Betty Olry

    I pray that this will finally been done. I was born and raised were all of this started. Our Lady of America has been in my heart and prayers always. Pray for the Bishops to see the gift Mary has for all of us.

  28. Kathryn

    I am a Catholic girl from Boston, Massachussetts. My Irish grandparents and my parents taught us about the truths of Jesus life and that of Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph from the time we were able to say our first prayers.
    Every morning we said Angel of God, my Guardian dear to whom God’s love commits me here. Ever this day, be at my side, to light and guide, to rule and guard. Amen
    then ” St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host: thrust into Hell, Satan, and all his evil spirits who prowl the world seeking the ruin of souls.
    I have tried to say this prayer every day of my life. I believe it is a powerful prayer.

    • Barbara Rickman

      Keep saying them, along with the rosary and the OLOA prayers. They are much needed. Go to the sacraments and especially confession. Guard your heart, your eyes and your mind. Satan attacks thru these, especially if you are young.


    Not a single day passes without killings
    done in the most cold and horrific ways
    each country has its dangerous villains
    driven to perform their latest craze

    Satan is a murderer and a thief
    he is spitting God in His Face
    he’s the devils commander in chief
    in the war against the human race

    The world drenched in total insanity
    is guided by leaders in moral decay
    causing the demise of us, humanity
    bringing us closer to Judgment Day

    O Lord, our Creator and Savior
    how long will You let this go on
    block this disgusting behavior
    of our new luciferian Babylon

    The world is a dangerous place
    morals are under satan’s antenna
    loving God is seen as a disgrace
    they choose to live in a Gehenna

    Satan knows his empire will end
    thus works like crazy to collect
    plenty of souls out of God’s Hand
    but soon his plans will be wrecked.

    Patiently,- not always o:( – waiting for
    Jesus’ return. Our Lady please help us !!
    Rita Biesemans, July 30 2016

  30. anita gild

    i would like to obtain a large picture of our lady of america. i have not been able to find one suitable for framing for home and one to bring in to homes for prayer and to get her message out to others. i want to do this as had been done with the pilgrim virgin of fatima.

    • ahlangse

      You may download the picture of Our Lady of America in high resolution to produce as you want for your personal devotion. Download here.

  31. Barbara Rickman

    I am only just reading this post today. I also took Our Lady Of America to an abortion clinic in Danbury CT during the 40 Days For Life. Our bishop Frank Caggiano was in attendance and saw the banner of OLOA. I had encouraged him during the Feast of the Assumption 2016 to lead his brother bishops in the effort to obey Our Lady’s wish that her image under the title of OLOA be processed into her basilica as she asked in 1956. During my saying of the rosary in early 2016, she had asked me to tell him of her wish. I still pray for this intention.

  32. Barbara Rickman

    Child trafficking and pedophilia are rampant in America right now. So much so that these crimes have reached the very halls of Washington D.C and beyond. Is it any wonder OLOA’s charism for America is PURITY! She knew this is what would affect us and kill us as a nation.
    The time for her procession into her basilica is NOW! We are running out of time!

  33. Pam J

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I had a healing in Rome City IN. on my first visit to the Our Lady Mother of Mercy chapel in July of 2007. This is the very chapel where Our Lady of America first appeared in 1956 and beyond on numerous occasions. I have experienced many mystical phenomena on subsequent trips there as well. But even more importantly I have met so many pilgrims who have traveled there and through locutions have been “asked” to help end abortion! We must spread her message of purity, and at this time, pray especially that the statue of Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin be enthroned by the U.S. Bishops in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. as Our Lady of America requested on 10/13/1956 in Rome City, IN. , and has since pleaded and shed tears over the importance of fulfilling that request! She has promised that such an enthronement will produce miracles especially of the soul for America and in numbers “greater than at Fatima’s and Lourdes combined!”

  34. Andrea Lynn Bayer

    Can I still obtain free prayer cards? I live in Oakton, Virginia (part of Fairfax County in Northern VA) which is in the Arlington Diocese. I would be honored to personally contact each pastor of every parish in our diocese to personally request that he and his fellow priests make note of the history of Our Lady of America, her statue, and Our Lady’s request that her statue be properly processed into and placed in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. The Arlington Diocese is a huge diocese which borders the Washington Diocese (which includes D.C. and parts of Maryland). I will also work to connect with and enlist others who will do the same in my diocese, D.C., and Maryland. Thus, I would love to request 10,000 prayer cards so that I can provide them as I meet with each pastor.

  35. Theresa Palmer

    Yes, we must respond to Our Ladies requests! The Bishop need to process her statue to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception! Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!

  36. Neil Cooper

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!i will contribute as much as I can toward spreading the word. I am amazed how hostile some in our parish ( St Mary’s Chandler Az) seem to be to this devotion, insisting it has not been approved. They believe that if the Pope has not approved the apparition then Our Lady of America does not exist. Please pray for Chandler, Arizona and Bishop Olmsted.

  37. Bernadette Shonka

    Our Lady of America the Immaculate Virgin is begging us to strive for purity and for our Bishops (the Shepherds – leaders of the flock) to process her statue and enthrone her in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Pray the prayers Our Lady gave to Sr. Mildred. As Theresa Palmer said, “Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!”

  38. Patrick

    What is the real Evil?
    The fact that this child molesting has gone on for decades with the churches knowledge certainly is evident of where the evil lies. For so many years, when a priest was exposed as a molester, he was transferred and sequestered in a far away monastery to hush it up and to keep him from local prosecution and to protect the church’s reputation and image. This action is inexcusable let alone criminal! These cover ups were working but they gave the impression to other priests that if they were to do such things they would be aided by the church to avoid prosecution! The results of this covering up is now being exposed with the abhorrent number of acts that have been committed over the years!
    Those that were involved with the cover ups of the perverted priests who molested the children (mostly boys) are the guilty ones, they will be the ones to burn in hell! Evil had no hand in this! The Bishops, Cardinals, and even the Pope himself, are all guilty – they are the “evil” ones!! You can’t tell me they didn’t know what was going on! The church doesn’t operate that way! Not only did they cover up the crimes of molestation but they were also covering up the Religious crime of homosexuality by the priests! Instead of trying to protect the image of the church and covering up for these criminals they should have defrocked them and turned them over to Civil authority for prosecution as a warning to other priests who may have entertained the idea of molesting “Alter Boys”.
    People are outraged by this! I know I am! By their refusing to turn the priests over to the local authorities the church is (Unwittingly or not) condoning their perverted actions. Only recently has the Church fessed up to the crimes partly due to the enormous number of complaints. I find it ironic you’re asking the Bishops to pray for a situation in which they were the first line of defense – now you’re asking them to pray for salvaging the Church for something they should have prevented in the first place! OR were they ordered to stand down by a higher authority??

    Let’s not revert to the Dark Ages by calling illegal acts perpetrated by humans – ‘EVIL’! In the dark ages people demonized and called things evil that they didn’t understand. Evil is wrongdoing nothing more!~ Right and wrong exists in all of us. It is up to each of us to decide which acts do we do! With God’s teachings and guidance we do the right thing, without it we don’t!
    Seems the management of the RC Church forgot to read the fine print!

  39. Maureen DuBois

    What progress has been make to process Our Lady into the shrine? The last I heard it was still in a legal battle to obtain the rights of this devotion from a sister friend of Sr. Mary Ephrem. This was several years back but I have not seen more news of this on emails. This was keeping the bishops from processing.

    • ahlangse

      Dear Maureen,
      The legal battle is complete and the devotional prayers and messages as approved by Archbishop Leibold are in the public domain and free of the false claims of ownership made by Patrica Fuller (aka Sr. Joseph Therese). See this Litigation Update

      There is a group of bishops working to fulfill Our Lady’s requests. Please pray for them.

  40. Kateri W.

    I have tried numerous times to find out the status of our diocese regarding our Lady’s request for a solemn procession and enthronement of her statue in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. I have had no success with written or telephone forms of communication. How can we keep ignoring the promises made by her to us ?

  41. Christine McHugh

    I would love to know why our bishops are not commenting on the message of Our Lady of America. As far as I know, Our Lady’s request has never been placed on the agenda for the bishop’s meeting in Washington, DC. I’ve written a comment on the USCCB website, contact USCCB, asking that Our Lady of America’s statue be solemnly processed and installed in the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. I asked that this be considered in the current USCCB meeting in November, 2018. A few years ago, I also wrote to our former Archbishop asking that Holy Mother’s request be considered and followed, if for no other reason, for the good of our country and our church. Holy Mother states that when her request is followed, more blessings will come to our country than their were at Lourdes and Fatima combined. I have never received an answer. With the state of our country and our church, I don’t understand why our bishops aren’t holding onto what our Holy Mother says with every last thread they can grasp !!!

  42. Lindy

    I would like to order a medal.
    Also what is the prayer to say for healing?
    Also I would like some prayer cards
    Please let me know how to order the medal and cards. And the words for the healing prayer.
    I want to give it to a friend who has cancer

    • ahlangse

      Thank you Lindy for your comment. You may order the medal and free prayer cards on our site at https://www.ourladyofamerica.org/wordpress/shop/
      Please order some extra cards and use them to spread the devotion to Our Lady of America.

      I am not aware of a specific prayer for healing that is associated with Our Lady of America, but the prayers associated with her certainly call on her intercession.

  43. Jo Anne Westerheide


  44. Mary Beissner

    where do i get a booklet of the story

  45. Mary Beissner

    Would like to read the story of Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil

  46. Marian Honquest

    I am a lay Carmelite in Fort Worth diocese. We are praying to Our Lady to help to bring most devotions in honor of Our Lady to bring peace and a change in our country. The rosary is our gift to give us renewed peaceful options to the political chaos that is causing the anger .

  47. Paul Murray

    Can this beautiful statue be purchased in a size appropriate for a home?

    • ahlangse

      Unfortunately, the statue is not availble at this time. We hope that will change shortly.

  48. tdecker894

    Hello and thank you so much for this online forum! I will spread the message of Our Lady to my children.
    Just ordered a bunch of medals for my family. Wondering: Are there medals of Our Lady of America in silver or gold? And how can I order them?
    Thank you and God bless you! May our Lady of America shield is, protect us, lead us to purity and to heaven!

    • ahlangse

      Thank you for spreading this devotion to Our Lady! We only have the medals in the bronze color as depicted.
      God bless you!

      • Joe Ford

        Pray for Sor Maria de Jesus Of Agreda to intercede for Our Lady Of America

  49. The record of 1954-1959 apparitions written by Sr. Mary Neuzil under direction of Bishop Leibold, which are the basis of the Our Lady of America veneration, includes the 1st recording of advise from St. Joseph to the faithful. Those instructions address the plight of family and fathers in the modern world and instructions to address these problems. This is a critical component of those apparitions that are essentially unknown and should be common knowledge among our school children and all faith filled adults. The booklet is available on-line and can be printed at home. PLEASE DO SO ASAP.

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