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Statue on Display at Saint Louis, King Basilica though August 2007

About Our Lady of America

August 1, 2007 St. Louis Mo: The new official image of Our Lady of America which Archbishop Raymond L. Burke blessed last November at the United States Bishops meeting in Baltimore can now be seen in downtown Saint Louis, Missouri in the historic Basilica of St. Louis, King, on the Mississippi Riverfront adjoining the National Park Service Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Her statue will be there throughout this August(2007). This beautiful and historic Basilica of Saint Louis was the Proto-Cathedral of the Catholic Church in the United States West of the Mississippi River. It is indeed fitting and proper for the statue of Our Lady of America to be displayed in this former Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, so convenient to pilgrims and travelers.


  1. Cindy Prus

    Where can I get a picture or statue of Our Lady Of America ?

  2. Cindy Prus

    Are there any plans to have a smaller statue made and or medals of Our Lady of America that we can purchase?

  3. Tegan Pryor

    This year I would like to give statues of
    ” Our Lady Of America” as Christmas Gifts, after such a contentious presidential election cycle in USA.

    Can you tell me where I can purchase, Our Lady Of America statues? I’d like various sizes for both indoor & outdoors. I checked EWTN’S Religious Catalogue website and didn’t see any.

    Thank you in advance for your guidance of where I can locate this item.

    God Bless & Merry Christmas

  4. Angelica Fonseca Fulsaas

    Thank you for this information!I thank God for Our Lady of America messages to Sister Ephrem
    and to all of us, her children!!!I will inform my families and friends of her messages. Also, will purchase the medals ( I already ordered the prayer cards) and will give these with family and
    friends Christmas gifts. I will say the prayers from the prayer cards along with the rosary.

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