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Responding to Our Lady of America is the end of abortion in America!

January 22, 2008, Carmel Indiana : 35 Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade

Thirty-five years ago today a decision was handed down by the Supreme Court. It was hailed as a great triumph for women and for freedom. It was really a death sentence for millions who would never see the light of day. At the same time it was a sentence for a life of regret and depression for millions who have been complicit in abortion.

A priest friend of mine once said that the most powerful act in which a person can engage is that of human sexuality. This singular act if done outside of chastity and marital fidelity can bring death; the death of the soul, the death of the body through disease and the death of the child because it often results in abortion. However, in the chastity of marriage it can bring a new life created by the union of the parents and a Divine miracle producing a great source of joy for all. This same act is impure in one instance while in the other instance is beautifully pure.

Many years ago when I was actively involved in the pro-life movement I heard of a prophecy that the end of abortion would start in Indiana.  It was not an approved apparition and I could not even tell you the source.  But it had always stayed with me.  At the time I surmised that there would be some legislative battle or legal battle that would center on this state and be the catalyst for the fall of these unjust laws.  Actually, Indiana has had some meaningful legal battles for the rights of the unborn.  While these are chinks in the pro-abort armor, these have not produced the desired end result of ending legal abortion in our state.

Once I discovered the apparition of Our Lady of America and Her call to Purity,  then I realized that the prophecy is true!  The end of abortion did start in Indiana on September 26, 1956 when Our Lady said “I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives”.   Clearly, if all would respond to this request then abortion would simply not be necessary.

So why do we still have abortion?  Because we have not responded to Her call and have not received the promised graces to fight this intrinsic evil.

All of us who are promoting Our Lady of America and Her call to purity are fighting for the unborn.  We are fighting for a definitive end to abortion through the graces of Our Lady of America.

Let us today re-double our efforts and spread this devotion.  We should pray to Our Lady of America for the gift of purity for ourselves and for our country. Let us pray for all who have lost their lives to this unjust death sentence and those who were complicit in the act.  Let us pray for those who are considering abortion and those who are in need of healing and forgiveness.

Most importantly may we pray for our bishops, the Apostles of Christ, who are the shepherds in whom we trust to lead us.  May they be moved to respond to Our Lady of America in the way that only they can.

Then abortion in our country will be utterly defeated!

The Langsenkamp Family Apostolate

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  1. Pam J

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I had a healing in Rome City IN. on my first visit to the Our Lady Mother of Mercy chapel in July of 2007. This is the very chapel where Our Lady of America first appeared in 1956 and beyond on numerous occasions. I have experienced many mystical phenomena on subsequent trips there as well. But even more importantly I have met so many pilgrims who have traveled there and through locutions have been “asked” to help end abortion! We must spread her message of purity, and at this time, pray especially that the statue of Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin be enthroned by the U.S. Bishops in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. as Our Lady of America requested on 10/13/1956 in Rome City, IN. , and has since pleaded and shed tears over the importance of fulfilling that request! She has promised that such an enthronement will produce miracles especially of the soul for America and in numbers “greater than at Fatima’s and Lourdes combined!”

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