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Help spread the word. Free prayer cards!

order_nowDue to the generosity of Mr. & Mrs. B. Hall, we once again have prayers cards available for FREE. That is correct – FREE – including shipping and handling. Why are we doing this?  So, that with your help, the message and grace of Our Lady of America will be available to as many souls as possible.

Here is how it works. You fill out this form and we send you the devotionals. Give them to family and friends. Are you part of a study or prayer group? Member of an order or clergy? Knights of Columbus? Hand them out wherever you can reach souls. If you pastor allows, make them available in the back of your parish church. Many Knights of Columbus councils have embraced this message.
Because they are FREE, we do reserve the right to limit quantities. If you do have a need for thousands of prayer cards, please ask. If we have any question, we will contact you. If you can get 10,000 in the hands of the faithful, then order 10,000.
My wife has pointed out that prayer cards sitting in our garage do no good whatsoever. So help me out. Let’s spread the word. Order today. Questions – contact
*Since we are a volunteer organization please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Please pray for the intentions of Mr. & Mrs. Hall in thanksgiving for their generosity.

May God bless your efforts!


  1. JOAN


  2. Mary Greenstein

    Hi, Please let our prayer group know how we can help Our Lady to get her image/statue into the Basilica.

  3. Margaret Delmonego

    God Bless America
    Thank you, Holy Mother! Help us, place us under the protection of your motherly mantle!
    Thank you, Jesus, for sending her to us!

  4. John DeLellis

    I’m confused a little. I thought our LADY OF AMERICA, was already in Her final home, in the Basilica. What is needed to get it there? If it’s the bishops, then we must tell them to foget politics and let’s get the ball rolling. Please, what is needed? Thanks

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      Dear John,
      Unfortunately, the request has not been fulfilled by the bishops. The devotion fell into dormition with the death of Archbishop Leibold in 1972. Recently, many of the faithful have learned of her message and have embraced her call. This has reignited interest by the bishops. There is a group of bishops that are working in earnest to get this done. Please pray for them.

      God bless you!

      • Barbara Rickman

        I am, and will continue to pray that Bp Frank Caggiano will lead that effort. He asked to come to St. Mary Norwalk CT to celebrate the octave of the Feast Of The Assumption 2017! Yes! He asked to come! He has our Lady’s heart in him so I will keep praying that he will be the leader needed to effect the procession of OLOA into her basilica.

  5. Bernadette Harris

    We have been a Center since early 2000 and Our Time is Not Our Lady’s Time or God’s Time. In Time “Their TIME” things will get moving please God. People out west especially in Indiana have really been carrying the Ball. Particuarly Al L. and close people to him. So please keep in prayer that more people will ASK their Bishops to move on a simple request and get it done. Only GOOD will come from Our Lady’s requests to be place in Washington Basilica! Also please Pray For Those Who Have Yet To Experience God’s Love”, these are the people who are causing all the problems in the World!

  6. Kathy Graeve

    Yes, praying for this intention. Where is our beautiful Lady of America statue now?
    I was in Washington DC 3 years ago and looking fir her. No one knew where she was .We tried the Pope John Paul II center and asked at the Basilica.

    • Pam J

      I too was at the JP II CENTER twice, once in 2010 when I was blessed to see this beautiful statue in person. It is breathtaking. But last spring while visiting relatives, my husband and I returned to the now St John Paul II Center . Only one of many employees even knew the statue had ever been there. I was told by this same employee that when the Knights of Columbus took over the center they decided that the statue of Our Lady of America did not belong in a center honoring the saint. However, I would vigorously disagree with such thinking as upon his World Youth Day visit to Denver, then Pope John Paul processed with another statue of Our Lady of America (the one pictured in this blog hadn’t been commissioned at that time). The statue he processed with was later placed in Hanceville at our Lady of Angels .
      But I believe he was such a proponent of Our Lady of America ( and his lifelong devotion to Our Lady as evidenced by “Totus Tuus”), that he would have fought to keep her statue at his center until enthronement in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Regardless I have been told by someone in authority that the statue is being kept privately but readily available for the fulfillment of Our Lady of America ‘s request for enthtonement.
      Also in this centennial year of Fatima and Our Lady’s appearances there, it is of interest to note that the first time Our Lady of America requested that a statue in her likeness be enthroned took place in an apparition to Sr. Mildred on October 13th 1956! In that visitation, Instead of a lily she generally held, she held an exact replica of the finished Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in her hands ( even more amazing because it was not completed for 2-3 years after this apparition)!

  7. Betty Olry

    I pray that this will finally been done. I was born and raised were all of this started. Our Lady of America has been in my heart and prayers always. Pray for the Bishops to see the gift Mary has for all of us.

  8. Andrea Lynn Bayer

    Can I still obtain free prayer cards? I live in Oakton, Virginia (part of Fairfax County in Northern VA) which is in the Arlington Diocese. I would be honored to personally contact each pastor of every parish in our diocese to personally request that he and his fellow priests make note of the history of Our Lady of America, her statue, and Our Lady’s request that her statue be properly processed into and placed in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. The Arlington Diocese is a huge diocese which borders the Washington Diocese (which includes D.C. and parts of Maryland). I will also work to connect with and enlist others who will do the same in my diocese, D.C., and Maryland. Thus, I would love to request 10,000 prayer cards so that I can provide them as I meet with each pastor.

  9. Neil Cooper

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work!i will contribute as much as I can toward spreading the word. I am amazed how hostile some in our parish ( St Mary’s Chandler Az) seem to be to this devotion, insisting it has not been approved. They believe that if the Pope has not approved the apparition then Our Lady of America does not exist. Please pray for Chandler, Arizona and Bishop Olmsted.

  10. irvinbisch

    I am currently distributing packets of card to each church and Pastor in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. the Free cards make it affordable for me to continue my ministry.
    I insist on at least donating each time I order to cover the cost of postage to me.
    If we could get people and /or groups to do the same in all the Dioceses across America, we can make a difference.
    Just 50 people in every parish, praying to Our Lady and venerating a picture of her in their homes , can change America to holiness. And worshiping God once again.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Irvin,

      Thank you for your commitment to spreading this devotion!. This is exactly why our apostolate makes the prayer cards available for free. Spread them far and wide. Keep up the good work.

      God bless,


  11. vinny defiglio

    i am currently living in a nursing home.and i feel that these cards will help my fellow residents.your friend in god vinny defiglio

  12. Theresa Ranagan

    I would like to place these card in our parish church Our Lady of Perpetual Church, in hope to group our congregation. I’m trying hard to build our church. I host the rosary every Friday night, during the summer the rosary was said in the parking lot everyone brought their own beach chairs and I set up out theBlessed Mother Stature and we sat around Her an prayed the rosary. I feel the people of this parish are longing for more and these card could be a good start.

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