Considering what is at stake in this election, can we trust either of the presidential candidates with the future of our country? Corruption, abortion, bigotry, greed, arrogance – these are just a few of the adjectives that can be ascribed to one or both. Some would say the situation calls out for lamentations of biblical proportions.

Like so many problems of mankind the answer is simple:  the intercession of Our Lady is the answer.  On November 15, 1956 when Our Lady of America appeared to Sr. Many Ephrem she instructed us to pray “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, oh Mary, deliver us from evil.”   It appears that Our Lady knew that America was on a path, that humanly speaking, was without hope.    A path that would place our nation in the grip of evil.   And this is exactly why this devotion is so important today.

If this devotion teaches nothing else, it does teach that we can rely on Our Lady.  In the prayer of petition given by Our Lady (1956) she uses a phrase of great action – “deliver us from evil”.   She knew that our nation, even if was not then as manifest as it is today, was in the grip of evil.   If we were not in the grip of evil, then we would not need to be delivered.

This prayer is short, powerful and to the point.  To be delivered from evil as a nation and as individuals is the promise of Our Lady of America.   Regardless of what happens on Election Day, this prayer will be just as needed and efficacious after the election.

Please Pray: “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, oh Mary, deliver us from evil.”  – Our Lady of America, Nov 15, 1956

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