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Rocked to the Core!

While seemingly unending, the scandal in the Church continues to deepen.  It is reaching a depth and pervasiveness where even the most faithful and devout can be rocked to their core.  The news has rocked our family too.

I have wanted to write about this for some time but feared my words would be inadequate.  So, I pray and work to spread this devotion which I believe is the answer to the scandal and the source of renewal for the Church.

Now, happy that I waited to write because Fr. Stanley Smolenski, a hermit priest in South Carolina has penned a very cogent illustration of the graces of Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin as the remedy to the scandal.  With appropriate historical context he shows that for her children Our Lady is always ready to come to our aid.   When Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin came to Sr. Mary Ephrem in the late 1950’s she came with the promise of graces that would restore us, the Church and our Nation – even now.


Father Stanley draws a very specific recommendation and humbly requests of our bishop’s it implementation.  He writes:

“At times a drastic problem needs a drastic answer. It seems beyond just human endeavors to heal these deep wounds. Since this dilemma has a spiritual dimension, something spiritual must be included. May I ask our bishops to consider the following?

“Most of the members of the USCCB should be familiar with the message of Our Lady of America, validated by Cardinal Raymond Burke in his letter to all the American bishops. Her message includes her request to be solemnly enthroned in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception by the bishops, promising many conversions. But there seems to be a snag in the process that is detaining its long-awaited fulfillment. Let us pray to her to “untie this knot” to remove this obstacle and make the road smooth for the bishops to take action.

“Would the bishops proceed with Our Lady’s request as a plea to her, the Consolation of the Afflicted, for her maternal intervention on behalf of her supplicants? This will definitely be drastic and spiritual. But where else can we get any hope for a remedy for these serious afflictions that are shaking the faith of many, as the university student indicated to me. Therefore, should we not entrust this situation to her by this public act manifesting our great confidence in her?

“Should we not make plans for a program on purity of mind, chastity of body and modestly in manners?”  Read More...

Our part is to spread this devotion, to pray and to live a life of purity as called for by Our Lady.

Order your free prayers cards today and spread this devotion.  If we do our part I am confident the bishops will do theirs!

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  1. Patrick

    What is the real Evil?
    The fact that this child molesting has gone on for decades with the churches knowledge certainly is evident of where the evil lies. For so many years, when a priest was exposed as a molester, he was transferred and sequestered in a far away monastery to hush it up and to keep him from local prosecution and to protect the church’s reputation and image. This action is inexcusable let alone criminal! These cover ups were working but they gave the impression to other priests that if they were to do such things they would be aided by the church to avoid prosecution! The results of this covering up is now being exposed with the abhorrent number of acts that have been committed over the years!
    Those that were involved with the cover ups of the perverted priests who molested the children (mostly boys) are the guilty ones, they will be the ones to burn in hell! Evil had no hand in this! The Bishops, Cardinals, and even the Pope himself, are all guilty – they are the “evil” ones!! You can’t tell me they didn’t know what was going on! The church doesn’t operate that way! Not only did they cover up the crimes of molestation but they were also covering up the Religious crime of homosexuality by the priests! Instead of trying to protect the image of the church and covering up for these criminals they should have defrocked them and turned them over to Civil authority for prosecution as a warning to other priests who may have entertained the idea of molesting “Alter Boys”.
    People are outraged by this! I know I am! By their refusing to turn the priests over to the local authorities the church is (Unwittingly or not) condoning their perverted actions. Only recently has the Church fessed up to the crimes partly due to the enormous number of complaints. I find it ironic you’re asking the Bishops to pray for a situation in which they were the first line of defense – now you’re asking them to pray for salvaging the Church for something they should have prevented in the first place! OR were they ordered to stand down by a higher authority??

    Let’s not revert to the Dark Ages by calling illegal acts perpetrated by humans – ‘EVIL’! In the dark ages people demonized and called things evil that they didn’t understand. Evil is wrongdoing nothing more!~ Right and wrong exists in all of us. It is up to each of us to decide which acts do we do! With God’s teachings and guidance we do the right thing, without it we don’t!
    Seems the management of the RC Church forgot to read the fine print!

  2. Petrichor

    Our Lady at Fatima (and repeated at Amsterdam & Akita) said that if we did not heed her requests to the Pope and to the faithful (& we haven’t) that “Russia would spread her errors around the globe”.
    The diabolical infiltration of the Church is part of that (see: “Infiltration” by Dr Taylor Marshal) resulting in these scandals and this era of apostasy. America can escape the punishment to come the majority (2/3rds) of the American Bishops have enough faith to do this. But do they? Only if the laity pray for them, and heed the Fatima requests. If not, the chastisement (“fire from heaven”) is nearer than we think — in our lifetime.
    The faithful must keep 1) praying 2) asking them to do so.

  3. Eduardo Cabrera

    God bless and cure World of. Covid

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