The Immaculate Virgin


Begging for Prayer

Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God

Tomorrow, the Bishops of the United States will assemble at Mundelein Seminary for a seven-day retreat of prayer and reflection.  

In dealing with the sexual abuse crisis in our Church, the bishops were expecting to implement reforms at their annual meeting this past November.   At the last minute, Pope Francis forbade any official act of the U.S. Bishops to deal with the sexual abuse scandal (Rocked to the Core – Again!).   Instead, Pope Francis called the Bishops to a spiritual retreat.  

Was the Pope correct in insisting that communal prayer and reflection should come before action at this grave moment in salvation history?  Only time will tell, but a good outcome of this retreat is far from certain.

Since the Church was established by Jesus Christ, there has been a constant and ferocious battle for its soul.  Each generation has had to rise to the challenge of protecting and supporting her.  Some generations have failed, others have triumphed. 

Those generations who have failed did not recognize or call upon the great gifts of aid offered by Heaven: the Sacraments, and the intercession of Our Lady and all the Angels & Saints.  The generations that accept these gifts invoked their grace and through perseverance triumph.

What will history say about our response at this moment?  Will we fail or be among the triumphant?

So many times, throughout history, calling upon the intercession of Our Lady has been the difference: Lepanto, Fatima, Guadalupe.   Now, in our time Our Lady has already shown us the way through this challenge to the Church.   Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin calls us all (especially Bishops and priests) to seek purity in all things, imitate the Holy Family and frequently receive the Sacraments.  Not only does she give us the methods, but she promises the graces to succeed as well.   All we must do is earnestly seek her intercession.

As our Bishops’ meet, pray and reflect we must cover them in prayer and invoke the intercession of Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin on their behalf.  

Our Lady of America, please open their eyes, hearts and intellect to the graces you promise and the plan you have put forth. Through our prayer we beg your intercession.

Let us not be among the generations who have failed, but rather among those that turn to Our Mother and triumph!

Please do everything you can to pray and to spread this devotion so more will join the chorus.

By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception O Mary, deliver us from evil!


  1. Jo Anne Westerheide


  2. The record of 1954-1959 apparitions written by Sr. Mary Neuzil under direction of Bishop Leibold, which are the basis of the Our Lady of America veneration, includes the 1st recording of advise from St. Joseph to the faithful. Those instructions address the plight of family and fathers in the modern world and instructions to address these problems. This is a critical component of those apparitions that are essentially unknown and should be common knowledge among our school children and all faith filled adults. The booklet is available on-line and can be printed at home. PLEASE DO SO ASAP.

    • Maria

      Where is this booklet, please? One of my friends and I are interested in promoting the history and messages surrounding Sr. Mary Neuzil’s (formerly Sr. Mary Ephrem’s) account of Our Lady’s apparitions and her requests of all faithful Catholics and Prelates, especially her request for U.S. Bishops to process a statue of Our Lady of America throughout D.C. before processing the statue of Our Lady into the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception and give Mother Mary under this Title of Our Lady of America obedience to her requests, and offer her our honor, love, and prayers.

      How can one best help?

      • Comment by post author


        Dear Ray,

        The messages can be downloaded from our website. Please see Devotional Downloads

        The best way to help is to pray for Our Lady of America’s intentions. A practical way to help is to spread the devotion so more will join into the prayer. We make prayer cards available for free to those who want to pray the prayers or spread the devotion. Please see Order Devotionals

      • Joan Legendre

        I suggest you write to the Bishops in Washington DC at the Basilica of the
        Immaculate Conception, and the Bishops in charge at the USCCB. One of the head Bishops there is Bishop
        Poprocki. They need us to pressure them to heed Our Lady’s desires.

  3. Connie Hegwood

    I agree. I have 4 sons and I beg St Joseph to father my sons as he did Jesus. That St. Joseph would give my 30 -40 yr old sons a most holy, and strong spiritual backbone – so as to lead in their churchs, lead in their work places, lead in the world and be the fathers that God would have them be in their homes NOW! Amen

  4. DAVID

    Per the the office of the local Bishop the alleged vision has NEVER been approved as expressing true supernaturality. The devotion ONLY has been ok’d for use by the faithful. The Church is always right in using EXTREME caution and TIME before ever pronouncing definitively on the status of an alleged apparition because of the almost unbelievable subtly and cleverness of Satan to be able to deceive. PRUDENCE is always the best course when dealing with any alleged vision.

  5. Mary R Noren

    Cardinal Raymond Burke has tried to get Our Lady enthroned .

  6. Sister Judy BDV

    FIAT volunteer tua my children
    Pray the entire Rosary each day and Fast twice weekly
    Trust and fling no criticism at the Body of Christ which is His Church
    Negative remarks feed the evil ones.

  7. Dennis Gaetano

    With prayer and faithfulness we can all contribute to Our Blessed Mother’s wishes in a positive way. Let our lives be an example and our tongues be an instrument if it be God’s will.

  8. Joan Witt

    Where is the statue? What is the best way to encourage the bishops to enthronre on May 1st at the dedication ?

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Joan,

      The statue is safe and nearby, however she is not on public display at this time. Hopefully soon.

      The best way to encourage the bishops is to make known to your bishop your devotion to Our Lady of America. encourage him to fulfill her requests, particularly the procession that she desires to honor her as patroness of our nation.

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