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Bishops praying for Our Lady’s intercession!

Last week the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops held their Annual Meeting in Baltimore Maryland. A group of faithful had organized to say the Rosary each day at noon for the Bishops.


Here is what happened! Coverage by LifeSite News. Bishop Joseph Strickland, Bishop Mark Brennan and Bishop Joseph L. Coffey joined with the prayful seeking Our Lady of America’s intercession.

There seems to be a groundswell of bishops that are seeing the intercession of Our Lady of America as the answer to the moral crisis in our Culture and our Church.

Please continue to pray that we all respond to the requests of Our Lady of America.


  1. Jeanne Monahan

    That’s great. She wants to be put in the shrine of the immaculate conception in Washington DC (the image).

    • Mary Buser

      I pray everyday that our bishops will place Our Lady’s statue in the National shrine. We need her help!

  2. Alonso Lopez Jr.

    It is mind boggling that Our Lady of America still does not have a public home
    so that she can be venerated. If you go to
    the Cathedral right now she is nowhere to
    be found. It is a sad situation. She should be
    In the National Cathedral now so that she may guide us as we go into 2020.

    • Miss Bee

      Yes, We Need Our Mother To Help & Guide Us-especially during these dark times… Why Can’t She Be at The Original Place in Rome City, Indiana? Her Message was for-All Her Children To Come There & Pray To Her!! Sometimes that Place is Open but It Definitely Needs Big-Worldwide Advertising or Announcements-Informing Everyone of Her Spiritual Presence & Holy Ground-That Awaits Anyone- That Would Make The Journey There. For All Her Children To Visit & Pray Like A Normal Pilgrimage.. Think of All The Pilgrimages in The World & How Our Lady is Honored!! We Should Be Completely Ecstatic that Mary Appeared in America w/ Millions of People Honoring Her at The Exact Spot-Where She Appeared! There’s Even A Holy Spring & An Old Chapel, There on The Grounds!! Plus, It All Sits on So Many Acres w/Other Special Things that I haven’t even mentioned & Is Absolutely Breathtakingly Beautiful!! Why can’t Our Lady of America be Honored w/That Type of Pilgrimage at The Original Place Where She 1st. Appeared in Rome City, Indiana?? Let’s All Make That Happen-Mary’s Request Come True For All Our Heavenly Mother, Does For Us!! ♡♡♡

      • Wendy

        Our Blessed Mother’s title is of “America” not one particular state. She asked to be placed in the country’s capital & at a national shrine.
        Let us pray the Bishops answer her request.

        • Comment by post author


          Yes, indeed she is Our Lady of America. In the messages she asked that the Basillica Shrine of the the Immaulate Conception in Washington, D.C. be the primary placed of pilgrimage. However, she did first appear in Rome City, Indiana as Our Lady of America and that will also be a site of pilgrimage. I believe the reason why she chose Rome City will unfold and become obvious.

          Not all will be able to make it to Wahington, DC. There will be alternatives.

          A challenge – I there any other aapparition of Our Lady that is named after a nation? If you find one let me know.

  3. Anita Louise Bernadette Benz

    That is great news

  4. Charles Webster

    Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of MARY, hear the plea of your children.
    MAMA, we’re so close to accomplishing your request… and we, the laity feel so helpless – except for the colossal power of the ROSARY – please shed special grace on our nation and the world.
    Your kids

  5. Clarice Marie DeJesus

    Let us pray that at the next Bishops’ conference Our Lady of America joins them in a place of honor among them, and that they fulfill Her request to be solemnly processed and enshrined in The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.
    Where is the beautiful statue??? We miss seeing Her!!!

    • L. Bardowski

      Dear Bishops of America,
      PLEASE process Our Lady of America and enthrone Her in The Basilica of Her Immaculate Conception in Washington, so that she may be a beacon of hope for our country and the whole world!

    • L scott

      It is in South Louisiana.
      We processed it in New Orlean’s St Louis Cathedral two weeks ago..

  6. Mary Ann Thompson Roseman

    Wonderful! Now someone tell President Trump, he did have a priest exorcise the White House and asked for the statue of Our Lady of Fatima which the priest had with him, She is now in White House.
    He hates the new world order which Pope Francis loves. And rumor has it Sr Agnes who had the messages of Akita has received message from her guardian angel and it’s not good. Recent!

  7. Judy Lanning

    I pray she will soon be placed in the Basillica of the Immaculate Conception! Our Country needs her so bad!

    • Mary Riley

      Dear Bishops

      Pls process Our Lady of America into the shrine of Immaculate Conception She represents purity what a wonderful gift at this time
      God Bless

  8. Lane Bailey

    Praise to God!! We continue praying for the intercession of Our Lady to bring her request to fulfillment by her loyal sons @ USCCB in Washington DC

  9. Dianne Fessler-Milligan

    Our Lady of America, pray for us!


  11. God bless our faithful bishops who pray with their people under the patronage of Our Lady of America.

  12. Diana Pfeiffer

    We absolutely Need our Lady as Our Lady of America! Dear Bishops, Place her in her rightful home, The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. Why delay?

  13. Ann M Caravello

    Dear Catholic Bishops of the United States of America,

    We your lay faithful implore you to heed Our Lady of America’s request to enshrine her in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in our nation’s capital. She has promised great miracles of grace to flow throughout our land and throughout the whole world if you do so. How can you ignore our heavenly Mother’s simple loving request? Our nation and the world need you to act upon this now! Please do not be like others who have denied help from heaven such as King Louis XIV of France. Had he heeded the request of Our Lord to consecrate France to his most Sacred Heart, the French Revolution would have been avoided!! May our Blessed Mother put her request directly on each of your hearts in such a way that you can no longer refuse her. I wish you all peace, joy and love.


  14. Verna Doucet

    I pray that the US Bishops need to do what Our Lady of America ask before it’s too late. Do they not remember Fatima and World War II.
    All those lives needlessly lost because we did not do what Our Blesses Mother asked us to do.

  15. Ron Houssaye

    This groundswell of faith and hope that surrounds Our Lady of America is inspiring and exactly what is needed now. May the Most Holy Trinity look down and sanctify this surge of faith and hope.

  16. Ron Houssaye

    This surge of faith and hope that surrounds Our Lady of America is inspiring and exactly what is needed now. May the Most Holy Trinity look down and sanctify this surge of faith and hope.

  17. Theresa S Palmer

    Bishops of the United States of America, heed Our Lady’s request to process Our Lady of America statue into her Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. as she requested!

  18. Bruce Chuff

    That’s because one of the people that run the national shrine is accused of sexual abuse.

  19. Bruce Chuff

    Sorry but this is not good news good news they are still not going processing her statue into the national shrine. I’m so sick of hearing about this how they can’t do anything about it they’re weak and they deserve God’s punishment for not obeying our Lady’s request!

  20. Ann B.

    ahlangse, If you are truly interested in promoting the awareness of Our Lady of America and her special message for our great country, please consider inviting President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to have their picture taken with your most beautiful statue of Our Lady of America, and if possible include the supporting Catholic Bishops. Then make the picture available to the public., and it will say a thousand words.

    • Mary Campbell

      That is a very good suggestion. Especially since the First Lady is a devout Catholic. Now that we have the COVID19 Plague, and I mean Plague, we need Our Lady of America’s desire to be fulfilled all the more quickly. Ave Maria!

  21. Mary Schaefer

    We need to spread the word rapidly and to everyone we talk to about where “Our Lady of America” statue should be placed as directed by Our Lady herself (The Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception – Washington , DC). The request was made 63 years ago and nothing has happened. With all the impurity that has occurred within the Church why has’t this statue been processed into the Shrine? We need to have this done. Let us show Our Lady that we believe in what she says is truth. With all the warnings she has given us, you think we would learn.

  22. Rita Harness

    Is the whole family punished for the wrong doing of a few members that did wrong! Our Lady of America asked to have a statue of her be placed on Washington DC and where is the statue now? The church needs to see this through for the rest of the Catholic and Christian families. The Blessed Virgin Mary is Mother to all of us.

  23. Jeannette DiFlauro

    Dear heavenly Mother. We offer our daily rosary up to you to have your request fulfilled by the bishop of Washington, D.C. …that your lovely statue of Our Lady of America be processed and enshrined at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. We certainly need your intervention in our country and world.

  24. Mary Campbell

    Please, Our Mother has done so much for us. Having the first US President be at and speak at the March for Life just a few days ago, and he gave God the Glory. Surely this was the workings of our Mother of the Americas. AVE MARIA!

  25. Donna Shaheen

    What does the medal look like? and where can I order some?

  26. Donna Shaheen

    I do not use paypal. I would prefer to use a mastercard . Do you accept them? If not, I will happily send a check for the whole amount and, when it clears, you can ship the order to me.

  27. Mar Lynn Michalak

    Oh Dearest Mother Mary, incline your ear! Your kingdom is in peril. Global pandemic threatens. Please open the hearts of your hardhearted children! Stubborn and ignorant! Help them to find their way from darkness to the Light of the World, Your Son! Purify and cleanse us in the blood of Jesus and your tears! Have mercy on us and awaken us NOW. By Your Most Holy and Immaculate CONCEPTION, intercede for us now! Amen

    • charles wolan

      Regarding the present Pandemic , with Faith and Hope the worst that can happen to us is Death . The Best that can happen to us is Peace and Heaven without end. He has the whole world in His Hands.

  28. Gertrude

    Things will take place ,we must keep praying and talking with our bishops.

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