The Immaculate Virgin


Our Lady of America, Intercede for us!

America is suffering – disease, division, distrust, unrest, injustice, abortion – just to name a few.

Can we heal ourselves of these afflictions?  The reality is that we cannot.  Just as it is beyond our nature to redeem ourselves, it is also beyond our nature to heal our nation, when the reason for our suffering is that we have turned away from God.  When God is removed from our lives, then only evil remains. Oh, what a sad state.  

But do not loose hope.  There is a way back!   History shows a nation, a culture and a people can turn back from the brink by turning to God and seeking His Mercy, Forgiveness and Grace.  History also shows that seeking this from the Sacred Heart of Jesus is most certain if we ask through the intercession of His Blessed Mother as our Advocate.  

One of the most vivid and powerful examples of Our Lady’s intercession was at the Battle of Lepanto.  This was a naval battle of epic proportions between the Ottoman Empire and Christian Europe in 1571.  Against all odds the Christian Fleet was victorious over the larger and more powerful Ottoman Fleet.   This was not by happenstance, but rather due to the intercession of Our Lady.   If you have not read about it here is a good link

For months leading up to the battle, Pope Pius V had urged Catholics to offer the daily rosary for the morale and good fortune of the Christian forces against the mightier Ottoman fleet.  On October 7, 1571 a reported 600 naval ships clashed in battle.  By day’s end the Christian fleet prevailed.   Shortly thereafter, Pope Pius V named October 7th as the feast day of Mary, Queen of Victory in recognition and thanksgiving for the victory at Lepanto.  

The United States of America enjoys a great advantage over that of Christian Europe in 1751. Mainly, that Our Lady is already our nation’s patroness, intercessor, protector, and advocate. It’s official! In 1792, the first bishop of the United States, Bishop John Carroll, consecrated our nation to Mary under her title The Immaculate Conception, and in 1846, the United States bishops unanimously chose Mary under that title as Patroness of the United States of America.  Since then it has been renewed multiple times.

Contemplate for just a moment how blessed we are to have “She who is the Mother of God” as our patroness, intercessor, protector and advocate!   Need I say more?

In 1956, Sr. Mary Ephrem was inspired in prayer to write the messages known as Our Lady of America.  In these writings she points us to Our Lady, The Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of America, in short – Our Lady of America, as the means by which our families and nation can be healed, through God’s Grace.  

Across our nation, there are many groups of the faithful that are already pleading Our Lady to come to our aid. Tuesday, December 8th is the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception. This title refers to the dogmatic recognition that the Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved from the stain of any sin, both in her conception and in her life.   This singular privilege was given only to her who was destined to be the Mother of God Incarnate.  This Catholic Doctrine is perfectly in harmony with her wonderful sanctity and preeminent dignity as Mother of God.

I urge you to start today a Novena (9 consecutive daily Rosaries) in anticipation of this great feast.   Thousands upon thousands across our nation are praying this Novena.

Very few understand the power of Our Lady’s intercession.   Those of us who do, must exercise this gift on behalf of our nation and beg Our Lady’s advocacy before the Throne of Her Son, Jesus. These prayers will reach the Sacred Heart!  

Please, start today!


  1. Richard Roosen

    This statue of O.L. of America needs to be more widely available to parishes to place in their churches for public veneration. I would like to purchase one for use in mine-but cannot find any sources from which to purchase. Can anyone assist in this regard? I can be reached at: for this purpose.

  2. Thank you and God bless!

  3. The novina is the best thing to do!!!
    I encourage EVERYONE to go to
    After you sign up,
    They will send you a short, easy to read email each day of the novina.
    Blessings to you and yours, -kevin-

  4. Ron

    I totally agree we are on the brink of interior spiritual collapse as a nation “because we have turned away from God.” All the signs are present it’s heading that direction. I join you in prayer for our nation that we turn back to God before we collapse in a big way.

  5. Gerald P. Webre

    We pray to Mary, our Mother and Patroness of America to ask her Son, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to ask God, His Father and our Father, to have the newly elected President of the United States be Pro-Life and Pro-God in our Public Schools and Public Life, for the greater Honor and Glory of God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

  6. Eleanor

    Can the statue of our Lady of America be taken to the basilica in Washington during this time by lay people!

    • Comment by post author


      A statue of Our Lady of America has already been processed into the Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. But it was not done by the Bishops. So it does not seem to be a fulfillment of her desire. Still need prayers for this to happen.

  7. Mary

    Hello thank-you for the article and for the beautiful picture of Our Lady of America mounted on a pillar of Her Immaculate Heart, in the night deep blue shrine room. Can you please post the location and date of this picture and shrine, and whether permission is granted to disperse this particular image in Her shrine, or what is necessary to gain permission? Thank-you. Mary

  8. Pam J

    I am so thrilled to see this beautiful statue on display again! So fitting that it is in Rome City, where she first appeared as Our Lady of America, at least until the Bishops enthrone this statue in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and finally fulfill her request. Praying for the request to be fulfilled and for our country!

  9. eileen Bridget

    thankyou and yes, a group here at St MARYS’ has been praying the Rosary and will continue in honor of OUR LAFY OF AMERICA AND OF THE IMMACULAYE CONCEPTION !

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