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2021 Masses begin at Mother of Mercy Chapel

March 6, 2021 will be the first Mass of the year at the Mother of Mercy Chapel, Rome City Indiana.

This chapel is recognized as the birthplace of the devotion to Our Lady, the Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of America (in short – Our Lady of America). Mass will be offered by the local pastor, Fr. Osman Ramos. The chapel has been granted permission by Bishop Kevin Rhoades to offer the Holy Sacraments under the guidance of the local pastor and to promote this private devotion to Our Lady.

The Mother of Mercy Foundation which owns the chapel is renovating the chapel and associated grounds. See the statue of Our Lady of America on display in the west wing of the chapel.

First Saturday Devotion

This Mass will be offered on the First Saturday of the month in keeping with The First Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The devotion arose out of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima. It is in reparation for offenses against the Immaculate Heart.

Please see for more details.


  1. Alice Gunther

    This is extremely beautiful. I hope to be able to attend one of these Masses.

  2. Bill and Norma Jean Sharrett

    This is wonderful news. Praise God. We pray for the success of this much needed devotion to Our Blessed Mother
    Bill and Norma Jean Sharrett

  3. Sarah Speer

    Would it be possible to have a tour after Mass?

  4. Joan J Lasek

    Very happy to hear that the Masses and devotions continue at the Chapel. My friends from NW Ohio will be pleased to hear about this and also the loyal visitors in Indiana..a Spark of Hope after the winter ..I am sure Our Lady of America is pleased with this revival…

  5. Ron Houssaye

    It’s wonderful news that masses will begin on March 6 at the Chapel. Have you considered live streaming it on Facebook? I would love to attend that way, since I live in Wisconsin and can’t travel to Rome, IN.

  6. I wish I could be there in person. I hope I will be able to lie stream this wonderful Mass. Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of Our Land, pray for us and protect your children and our land!

  7. Virginia

    It’s necessary during this time in our history to live stream your mass & share your knowledge of OUR LADY OF AMERICA, Joseph, Jesus Prince of Peace, Jesus of All Nations, the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family. Love to God who opened my eyes to Mother of Mercy Chapel, Rome City Indiana and all of you. Whoever is in charge of streaming the mass, I too wish to attend; please notify me at my email address which is entered along with the name & email request below this where it said leave a reply. I look forward to your progress, may God Bless everyone with all their undertakings to be joyous & successful. Shalom, Virginia

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