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Pilgrim visits grow as more people discover Our Lady of America

August has been a big month for pilgrims at the Mother of Mercy Chapel.  More than 1000 souls have visited to pray, receive reconciliation, participate in Holy Mass and honor Our Lord and Our Lady in procession.  

A common theme in these pilgrims is seeking the intercession of Our Lady, The Immaculate virgin, Patroness of America (Our Lady of America) before the Throne of Her Son, Jesus for their personal intentions and for our nation. 

The August First Saturday Devotion Mass offered by Fr. David Voors was well attended with a comfortably full Chapel. 

Mid-month the Divine Will conference packed the Chapel with a record number of attendees.  Blessed with spectacular weather the pilgrims partook in talks, Confession, Holy Mass, strolls across the campus and wonderful community.   The culmination was a Eucharistic Procession with Our Lady leading the crowd of pilgrims, bringing honor and praise to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

While the Chapel is open most days, if you are making a special trip, please call us to make sure we will be there when you arrive.


  1. J. Rutherford

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,
    I am still hoping, praying and waiting for the bishops to make the procession of Our Lady of America statue, as she requested.

  2. Jo Anne Westerheide

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,

    Thanks for posting these. Hurray! that pilgrim numbers are growing. May it continue & Our Lady’s requests finally be fulfilled.

  3. Cindy Steffinich

    Dear Mr. Langsenkamp,
    I wrote to all the Bishops who investigated this apparition. I begged them to take heed and do what our Blessed Mother has requested. I told them that what is going on in our country is on their shoulders. The only one I heard back from is Archbishop Vigneron. He thanked me for the letter and said he joined me in prayer.

  4. Janet Neff

    I have also wondered why ?? the Bishops did not return Our Lady’s request of her statue being in procession into the National Shrine of the ‘ Immaculate Conception’ Her request was way back in the 1950’s -Sixties. The Virgin Mary who seemed concerned about the private lives of Americans as society was about to plummet into the Sixties. Her emphasis was on the hazards of materialism and the need for purity at a time when sexual revolution was about to consume America-which despite its size had never had an official apparition. It was in 1956,eve of the feast of the North American Martyrs ,that the Virgin Mary began her apparitions. She said to Sister Mildred that miracles “greater than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima “would be granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we do as she desires. She was asking for moral leadership and purity. most of this message was taken from other messages back in 2002 and 2008 and many other messages asking WHY was Mary’s request not answered. And look how it all has gotten so very worse.

  5. Is this associated with Luisa Piccarreta’s Divine Will? If so, why are you mixing this up with Our Lady of America’s message? Fr. John Hardon, Fr. William Most and Tim Staples have written about the errors in Piccarreta’s writing. If you are promoting Piccarreta’s writings I am very disappointed in that judgement. Please just concentrate on Our Lady of America’s message.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Rosemarie,
      We do not promote Luisa Piccareta at the Center. However, we have hosted the conference of the lay faithful who are promoting the Divine Will devotion.

      There are no official English translations of her writings. Some unofficial translations are known to contain serious error and are most likely the basis of the condemnations that your cite.

      Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta’s cause has proceeded beyond the diocesan level and is now being reviewed by Vatican. I think it is too early for any condemnation, but the Archbishop of Trani, Italy has cautioned against the study of the erroneous translations.

      Please see the following:

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