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Holy Mass for Bishop Kevin Rhoades and all U.S. Bishops

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Next week (November 15-18, 2021) the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will conduct their annual General Assembly in Baltimore. This conference is when the bishops meet to discuss issues facing the Church, pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and discern the course forward. They also celebrate the Holy Mass and pray as a group. I had the privilege to attend the 2006 Conference, seeing firsthand their work.

Being a Holy bishop is an extremely difficult vocation. If we really knew the challenges they face on a daily basis, we would be awed at how gracefully they handle their position.

Why is this job so difficult? Humanly speaking it is a job with a high workload and requires the mastery of many different skills. Beyond this however is the battle.

These men oversee the priests who bring us the saving mysteries. Their number one job is to make sure that the Sacraments & holy formation are available to the Faithful. But the minions of evil will do anything to prevent and minimize holy formation and saving sacraments. Evil takes great satisfaction in this interference.

Evil will bring temptation, distraction, discouragement, confusion and disappointment to these men in a way that few of us will ever experience.  Of course, they get great joy as well when they see the Grace of Our Lord come upon their flock. 

When they meet as a group to do Our Lord’s work, this is when the minions of evil step up their efforts. In short, they are a high value target of evil.

That’s where we come in. These men need our help, and they deserve it!

Pray for them! Go to Mass for them. Offer sacrifice. Pray for their protection and enlightenment so they will accomplish the good to which the Holy Spirit calls them. Most importantly pray they have the grace to discern, avoid the false narrative, and be free of evil’s snares.

While they are in conference November 15-18 at 11:00 Holy Mass will be offered in the Mother of Mercy Chapel for our Bishop, Kevin C. Rhoades and all the U.S. Bishops as they conduct their annual meeting. We will be seeking the intercession of Our Lady, the Immaculate Virgin, Patroness of America (Our Lady of America) to bring grace upon them in a way that only the Queen of Heaven and Earth can accomplish.

Please join us in person, on our live stream or in prayerful solidarity for our Bishops.


  1. Marianne Sibal

    Don’t wait til then. Start praying for them, and for those who are asking the bishops to attend to correcting poor behavior, now. Signup to “adopt a Bishop” by praying before the Blessed Sacrament during a private holy hour of Eucharistic Adoration on their behalf at
    God bless you. Fiat!

  2. Bernadette Shonka

    Why did I not see this until Dec 9th? I thought I was signed up for all of your updates?

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