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Our Lady of America - March For Life

In conjunction with the 2022 March for Life there will be a Novena of Masses offered January 18-26 @ 11:00 AM EST at the Our Lady, Patroness of America Center in Rome City Indiana.

We will be praying for the conversion of all abortion supporters and the healing of all who have been injured by the plague of abortion.

The Our Lady, Patroness of America Center seeks the intercession of Our Lady, the Immaculate Virgin, as our nation’s Patroness and Protector. Under the guidance of Bishop Kevin Rhoades, the center is a place of pilgrimage for seeking her intercession as Patroness of our nation.

We encourage those going to DC for the March to stop in Rome City, Indiana and pray for her intercession. And then take Our Lady of America in your heart to the March. We will be open for the Mass each day and will be sure to welcome you and your group at other times as well. Or you can stop on your way home also. Rome City is only 25 minutes from Interstate 80-90 and 69.

If you will be arriving at the Center any time other than Mass, please call ahead (260-303-4990)so we can meet and welcome you into the Chapel.


  1. michael voss jr

    Will Our Lady Of America be in the March For Life 1-21-22 Since our government has forgotten the millions of Americans who has voted for them and their promise to work for the people that VOTED for them I’m sick of hearing democrats they only vote for there feelings not the people who put them there SOME ARE MINSTERS OF GOD ( they claim to be ) one I sorry to say is from KANSAS CITY MISSOURI THIS DEMOCRATS NEED TO REMEMBER THEY HAVE TO TALK TO SAME GOD I DO BUT THEY ARE CARING THE LIVES AND SOULS OF EVERYONE THEY GUIDE TO THE LORD OR FROM THE LORD so OUR LADY OF AMERICA IS NEEDED TO REMIND THEM NOW BERORE ITS TO LATER THIS LAST 5 YEARS HAVE BEEN RUN BY EVIL NOT OF GOD OUR LADY PROMISED HEALING WHEN SHE IS IN THE NATIONAL SHRINE OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION BASILIA in Washington DC BRING GOD BACK TO AMERICA TO HELP THE WORLD’S PEOPLE AGAIN..

  2. Marie Mowry

    Yes I would like to see more of the patroness of our Lady be known and for more cards to be sent to or have the Bishops in each state I live in Missouri and I would like Bishop rice to know more about this so that he could get get her done like to have more info and cards so I can pass around thank you

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