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Bishop Invites us to pray for Our Lady of America’s intercession to end abortion.

Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin teaches us to call upon her powerful intercession through these words: “BY THY HOLY AND IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OH MARY, DELIVER US FROM EVIL”.   She reveals that the gift of her Immaculate conception is powerful in driving evil from our midst.

While there are many evils in our world there are few that the Church declares to be intrinsically evil, meaning that it is pure evil and that no good can ever come from it.  Abortion is one such intrinsic evil.

During the 40 Days for Life, Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki, Diocese of Springfield-in-Illinois called upon the intercession of Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin to deliver his diocese from the scourge of abortion.  In particular, he seeks the closing of the abortion facilities in Springfield and Granite City (See article and note banner in background).

Bishop Paprocki, invites all and in particular those with a devotion to Our Lady of America to join with him in seeking The Immaculate Virgin’s intercession.   Please petition the Blessed Virgin under the title of Our Lady of America to deliver the diocese from the scourge of abortion.



  1. Barbara Rickman

    I am only just reading this post today. I also took Our Lady Of America to an abortion clinic in Danbury CT during the 40 Days For Life. Our bishop Frank Caggiano was in attendance and saw the banner of OLOA. I had encouraged him during the Feast of the Assumption 2016 to lead his brother bishops in the effort to obey Our Lady’s wish that her image under the title of OLOA be processed into her basilica as she asked in 1956. During my saying of the rosary in early 2016, she had asked me to tell him of her wish. I still pray for this intention.

  2. Theresa Palmer

    Yes, we must respond to Our Ladies requests! The Bishop need to process her statue to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception! Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!

  3. Bernadette Shonka

    Our Lady of America the Immaculate Virgin is begging us to strive for purity and for our Bishops (the Shepherds – leaders of the flock) to process her statue and enthrone her in our National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Pray the prayers Our Lady gave to Sr. Mildred. As Theresa Palmer said, “Write to your bishop. If you have already done so, do it again!”

  4. Maureen DuBois

    What progress has been make to process Our Lady into the shrine? The last I heard it was still in a legal battle to obtain the rights of this devotion from a sister friend of Sr. Mary Ephrem. This was several years back but I have not seen more news of this on emails. This was keeping the bishops from processing.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Maureen,
      The legal battle is complete and the devotional prayers and messages as approved by Archbishop Leibold are in the public domain and free of the false claims of ownership made by Patrica Fuller (aka Sr. Joseph Therese). See this Litigation Update

      There is a group of bishops working to fulfill Our Lady’s requests. Please pray for them.

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