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Our Lady of America at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Washington D.C.

May 24, 2008 – Washington D.C.: Dr. Hugh M. Dempsey, D. Ed., K.M.Ob. Deputy Director and the staff at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center  welcomed the Our Lady of America statue that was first displayed in 2006 at the U.S. Bishop’s Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The statue was delivered by a BVM Foundation Inc. volunteer and assistant who drove her to Washington D.C. after being cleaned and touched-up in Batesville, IN by the same company that made the first wood carving of Our Lady of America in the 1960’s.

This Statue will remain at the center for some time pending action by the United States Catholic Bishops on the request of Our Lady for a solemn procession and permanent placement in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, not far from the John Paul II Cultural Center at Washington D.C.

The Pope John Paul II Cultural Center welcomes pilgrimage groups to visit the center and venerate this statue of Our Lady of America. The Statue rests on the very location where His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI sat on his throne and greeted the faithful during his recent visit.

Dr. Dempsey and the staff commented about the majestic beauty of this statue and warmly welcomed her into the center. Our Lady of America graces the rotunda entrance of the center, welcoming Her children who visit this venue which honors Her favored son, Pope John Paul II.

From Our Lady’s words to Sr. Mary Ephrem.

On the morning of November 15, 1956, Our Lady taught me this little prayer: “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.” Our Lady then asked me to draw a picture of her first appearance. She also requested a statue made according to this likeness and placed, after being solemnly carried in procession, in the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. She wishes to be honored there in a special way as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.

Devotion to Our Lady of America continues to build as more of the faithful learn of Her requests and pray for fulfillment of these messages. It is clear to me that this is because of you. Together, we have distributed hundred’s of thousands of prayer cards since the beginning of the year! Keep up the great work!

We now expect many groups of pilgrims to travel for a visit at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center where they can view the statue and honor Our Lady of America. Our Lady of America, pray for us!

-Al Langsenkamp

P.S. The statue is no longer at the John Paul II Cultural Center


  1. Linda

    July 5, 2016
    Where is the statue of Our Lady of American now? Is it possible to visit?

    • Clarice DeJesus

      Hi Linda,
      I was at the John Paul II Shrine and his feast day Oct. 22, and they told me the statue was moved to storage. I was so disappointed. And It is not just a statue. She is Our Mother and she needs to be among her children. I have emailed the staff of this site to ask for advisement to address this situation.
      Clarice DeJesus

      • Comment by post author


        Dear Linda,

        I share your disappointment. The statue was removed many years ago when the John Paul II Shrine faced financial difficulty and was at risk of closing. Hopefully, Our Lady of America can make a visit there once again.

  2. Maureen G. Hahn

    What a beautiful bit of news I just discovered on my computer when opened the e-mail. So happy to hear that there was such good news and that, as you put it, “We Won”!! I have been praying to Our Lady of America ever since I read the first e-mail about her. What a miracle and what an amazing settlement in the courts. I am brought to tears over this because of all the toxic election news and the hatred and discontent going on concerning the upcoming elections. Perhaps when she is properly carried in to the Basillica, things will begin to lead us to a successful election to stop the people in power who are so determined to destroy this beautiful country. We were founded by good, decent, God fearing men and I believe God has blessed us abundantly and has a purpose for America being so strong. We now seem to be losing our ability to stay strong and the forces of evil are growing more and more powerful. This means our prayers have to intensify and Our Lady of America apparently wants to give us victory. We have to do our part for it to work……….and that means get on our knees as pray as often and as much as we can. She will save us if we but turn to her and to her Divine Son. God Bless all who worked so hard to achieve this victory.

  3. Michael Waters

    WOW I feel so blessed as I have just learned about Our Lady of America today from a visiting family to our parish. They were staying after mass to pray the rosary and I asked if I could join them. After our prayers they spent about an hour talking to me and giving me some prayer cards and information. I am so happy to have found this and plan on praying to her for her guidance in the upcoming election. I am heart broken that our country is in such a mess. I need spiritual guidance on how to vote. Let us all pray for her intercession for this election.

    • Comment by post author


      Dear Michael,
      Indeed these are difficult times. Pray for the outpouring of graces promised by this devotion and that our bishops will act with prudence and urgency.

      “By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, oh Mary, deliver us from evil”


  4. Clarice DeJesus

    I visited the John Paul II National Shrine a few weeks ago on his feast day, Oct. 22, and with great anticipation was also very excited to say a prayer before Our Lady of America. However, she was nowhere to be found, and the staff who could remember her told me “the statue was moved to storage” and I was unsuccessful in finding anyone who could tell me why. Now we have another challenge to overcome. If anyone has anymore information, please advise.

  5. Marian Honquest

    I am a lay Carmelite in Fort Worth diocese. We are praying to Our Lady to help to bring most devotions in honor of Our Lady to bring peace and a change in our country. The rosary is our gift to give us renewed peaceful options to the political chaos that is causing the anger .

  6. ThiênHường

    Where is Our Lady of America now? I found a prayer card with her image in the street a few days ago. It’s the most beautiful image I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know anything about her until now. Wherever they stored her we need to get her back.

  7. Chad Dart

    May I ask where is the statue currently?

    • Comment by post author


      The statue that was first displayed at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Meeting in 2006 and later on display at the John Paul II Cultural Center is now at the Our Lady, Patroness of America Center in Rome City, IN. This is the sight of the alleged apparitaion to Sr. Mary Ephrem in 1956 and is recognized as an offical place of pilgrimage for the devotion to Our Lady of America. See for more information.

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